Baby Congratulations: New Born Baby Wishes Messages

By | July 8, 2017

Here we are sharing wishes for baby, baby congratulations, new baby wishes, baby congratulations, congratulations on your new baby and congratulations baby boy. We have great expectation that you will love to read them and you will surely share with the parent of newborn baby to help them realize about this lucky baby girl or baby boy.

New Born Baby Wishes Messages

congratulations on your new baby

congratulations on your new baby

Being a father or mother is the best feeling that one can feel. It’s the best part of life to become a parent which gives immense love and remarkable experience. Nothing in this entire universe can make as happy as having a new member in the family. You must greet to all of the parents who are near and dear to you. You can gift flowers to convey your congratulations for becoming new parents or you can write below wishes and quotes on the greeting card and wish them Congratulate the parents on arrival of a newborn baby in the family. Now, what are you waiting for? Send your warm wishes to a newborn baby and welcome this newborn baby in this beautiful world.

Wishes For New Born Baby

  1. The arrival of a baby always brings a lot of joy and happiness …
    That you are very happy in this new phase and that the baby is very healthy, always! Congratulations!!!
  2. Your baby was born … Congratulations! All the happiness in the world for mom and baby!
  3. Your waiting is over, now it’s just happiness and that same happiness pulsates in our hearts, in the hearts of all those who like you, and admire you!
  4. Your dream of a mother is fulfilled in every gesture of this little being who has just arrived.
  5. Today I want to share with you this joy, this happiness to know that you gave birth to a child, a being that was generated with much love and this same love will accompany you for life!
  6. Congratulations on the beautiful boy !!!
  7. Every child born is a little piece of the beauty of the universe and the great love of God …
    Congratulations on the baby!
  8. May this baby be very blessed by God and bring much happiness to the couple and their families!
    Kisses with tenderness !!!
  9. You are receiving one of the greatest blessings of God: a son!
    Now begins a new life, with a feeling of affection and unity, that only a baby so desired could bring.
  10. God gave you this child as a gift because he knows you deserve this gift!

New Baby Wishes

  1. Life is indeed an eternal discovery and it is about to begin for this beautiful baby who has just been born! God bless you!
  2. Mom, your wait is over. From now on is to live intensely every moment of discovery and happiness that surely this child will give you … Congratulations !!!
  3. Babies are born with eyes willing to see all the precious, embracing all the merry and willing unconditionally with all their heart. The miracle of a birth is a unique treasure for a woman. Cheers.
  4. You are receiving one of the greatest blessings of God: A SON! Now begins a new life, with a feeling of affection and unity, that only a baby so desired could bring. Congratulations!
  5. Our story began, Mom and Dad. On every night that I cry, I’ll cry for you. When I feel hungry, I will ask you. When you want to play, I want you to play with me. But I’m just that demanding because I love you more than anything!
  6. Congratulations on this gift from God.
  7. Congratulations on the arrival of the long-awaited princess.I wish this beautiful girl grows up with great health and will surely give you many joys. This moment is magic because it is a gift from God.
  8. I arrived, Mother, to show you what love is. Dad, wait for me to teach you how to be better.
    My arrival only deserves joys and emotions, because I came at God’s request to make this house the best place to live!
  9. For now I’m small, a lot I do not know. I just know I’m enjoying this world where I came.
    Please do not hurry, I know I have not grown up yet. But look what I’m trying, wait for me to get there.
  10. I’m so happy for the couple! I shared with you 9 months of pregnancy … and today that the baby came into the world, there is nothing better than to be with you to share the joy. A beautiful and healthy baby that will fill us with pride.

Messages For New Born Baby

  1. Congratulations to your parents!
  2. May God bless the life of this boy who will grow with much peace in his heart and will become the best man in the world.
  3. In our heart and in our thoughts, there is only one request … May this new being come as a ray of sun gives color and warmth to your life. Congratulations to the dads!
  4. “Congratulations on the arrival of the baby. I want this cute little boy to fill his life and the life of his family with joy, love, serenity and unity. “
  5. “Today, with the arrival of this most beautiful baby in the world, I can imagine the joy that you are feeling. Congratulations on this special gift! “
  6. “Congratulations for the baby. May this little ray of sun that has just pointed to the horizon of your life bring you much love, much health, prosperity and happiness! “
  7. “May the birth of this little being, but so full of light and gift, bring to your family much union and joy. Congratulations on this ray of the sunshine so bright and cozy! “
  8. “Dear Dad and Mom, congratulations on the baby. May he have great health, joy and prosperity! “
  9. “Congratulations on this beautiful boy who has just been born. If you follow in your father’s footsteps, you will surely be a great man! “
  10. Congratulations on the beautiful boy.


Baby Congratulations Message

messages for new born baby

  1. “Every child that is born represents a star that stops shining in the sky to shine now on earth. Congratulations on this precious star just born! “
  2. “Congratulations on the arrival of this enlightened child!”
  3. “May the arrival of your baby make your life even more. Congratulations”!
  4. “Congratulations on the gift that Heavenly Father gave you with so much love: this beautiful and blessed little princess!”
  5. “Congratulations to Dad and Mom for this beautiful and special little love”!
  6. “Dad, congratulations on this beautiful baby that just came out. Lucky for him to have a beautiful and special daddy like you! “
  7. “Your dream of being a mother has just been consecrated in this little being who has just been born. Congratulations”!
  8. “Mom, congratulations on this beautiful flower that has just been born. Lucky for her to have a mother as beautiful, loved and special as you! “
  9. “I’m very happy with the arrival of your baby, congratulations!”
  10. “Today we have only reason to thank God because the most sacred of the Angels of Heaven has come to Earth. Congratulations on the birth of this beautiful and precious angel!”

Congratulations On Newbaby Boy and Baby Girl

  1. A baby is born with the need to be loved and never misses this need. I will be among the many who will make your new baby one of the most beloved beings on our planet.
  2. Babies are born with eyes ready to see all that is precious, to embrace all that is joyful and want unconditionally with all their heart.
  3. The miracle of a birth is a unique treasure for a woman. Congratulations and you enjoy it! A newborn baby fills a void that her mother did not know existed in her heart.
  4. You are receiving one of the greatest blessings of God: a son! Now begins a new life, with a feeling of affection and unity, that only a baby so desired could bring. Congratulations!
  5. That your baby is a motivator of vivacity, that every second near him is a magic moment, and that the smiles become a habit in your life.

So, above we tried to give you the best wishes and quotes to you so that you can send your warm greetings to the newly parents and newborn baby.