Alone Quotes, Status and Messages

By | November 3, 2020

Feeling sad, alone and disheartened is wrost feeling which one can have. Some sometimes it’s not our fault to feel the same but we have to feel that way.

If you or anyone you is feeling low or alone then here we are going to share alone quotes, alone status and alone messages which you can use as Whatsapp or Facebook Status and tell the people indirectly you’re having aloneness so that they can help you to come out this feeling. You can also share alone messages and alone quotes to your friend who is having this feeling and tell then you’re with him/her in this situation and will never leave then alone.

Alone Quotes, Alone Status and Alone Messages

alone quotes

If you have been alone and want to express your loneliness then Quotes, Status and Messages are the best medium to tell people you’re having bad day and you really need them. You can also send messages and quotes to your friends who is facing issues in their life.

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Alone Lonely Quotes

  • Pay attention: a lonely heart is not a heart.
  • The lonely man is a beast.
  • Beauty, like wisdom, loves the lonely worshiper.
  • Lonely people, speaking to each other, can make the other lonely.
  • I think the only lonely place was the moon.
  • Happiness is that we understand the point of view and the needs of another person. Happiness lies in not being lost in a solitary dream.
  • There is no solitary genius that solves all problems and then reveals the magic formula. You study, debate, share ideas and then the answers begin to arrive.
  • Give lonely person a company and he will speak more than anyone.
  • The loneliest people are the most kind.
  • The saddest people have the most beautiful smile.
  • The most suffering is the wisest.
  • The most different treat all the same.
  • The furthest are the most present.
  • Funny that your pride does not stop you from chasing after the wrong person. It just keeps you from running after the right person, right!
  • Be lonely to be sincere and pure in the soul. The collective entity man – is a corrupt being.
  • The real friends are the loners together.
  • If the Communists are right, then I’m the loneliest madman alive. If they are wrong then there is no hope for the world.
  • Great men are often loners. But this loneliness is part of your ability to create. Character, like photography, develops in the dark.
  • The strongest man in the world is the loneliest.
  • God created the man and, not finding him very lonely, gave him a mate to make him feel better about his loneliness.
  • Worst of all, is having to pretend to be a happy person.
  • If one day feels lonely or empty inside, remember that you have the most beloved person in the world on your side, God.
  • Intelligence makes a person unhappy and lonely.
  • Selfishness is a solitary and empty independence, where the person only perceives the evil that makes it when it is completely alone.
  • A greedy and greedy person is nobody in life; Why it will be lonely or not, why there will be others like it.
  • The world would be a lonely place if the person who puts a smile on my face did not exist in my life.
  • The Man of many loves is an empty person, the Man with many passions is a Lonely person, the Man who dedicates himself to a single love, yes, that yes is a Man
  • That person who has self-esteem is not narcissistic, it is only alone.
  • This feeling of longing is affectionate, it gives momentary relief to the solitary soul.
  • My arms are empty, the night is long and lonely … oh, I miss you, my love.
  • I am an eternal lonely lover of myself.
  • I’m a lonely wolf, where I walk alone, where I fight alone.
  • I feel lonely sometimes when I get lost. Most of the time I realise myself here and I do not leave me alone because I have myself!


Alone Lonely Status

  • There is nothing more solitary than the person who loves only himself.
  • I Learned To Walk Alone It Does not Mean To Be A Lonely Person So Most Of The Time.
  • Better to live with one-man than to live alone in the crowd.
  • No matter how revolting and lonely your life is, the person who has the music in your heart will never be alone!
  • I have learned that I can walk alone and that does not mean that I am a solid person. Health and peace!
  • Love is nothing more than everything, love is what each solitary seeks in each person he feels a connection.
  • Asked about what a friend would be, he said: “a lonely soul living in two bodies.
  • Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.
  • Meditation is a alone addiction that digs into annoyance a black hole that foolishness comes to fill.
  • The courteous man is sure that his heart will never be a lonely island.
  • The solitary is a diminutive of the savage, accepted by civilisation.
  • Lonely happiness is not happiness.
  • Funny. I love being alone, but I hate feeling alone.
  • Be good and you will be a loner.
  • The world is a prison in which solitary preference is preferred.
  • I loved this picture the first time I saw it. I loved the idea of a solitary man fighting death.
  • Sometimes we have to go down a lonely path. To one day find the long-awaited reward: to love and to be loved.
  • People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.
  • Being alone does not mean feeling lonely.
  • Nothing leaves us as lonely as our secrets.
  • The punishment of a loner is to have many friendships and feel alone.
  • it was only a lonely heart pulsing with difficulty in space.
  • The loneliest place in the world is right in the middle of the crowds.
  • It’s not that I’m lonely. I know human stupidity and I do not want to get infected.
  • I’m a lonely wolf who loves the moon even knowing that this is an impossible love.
  • The loneliest moment of one’s life is when you watch your whole world crumble and all you can do is look at nothingness.
  • When so many are lonely and seem to be lonely, it is indescribably selfish to be lonely alone.
  • Nothing leaves us as lonely as our secrets.
  • Although on cold and lonely nights, I feel the wind caress me, but at the same time I remember you by my side loving me
  • We are screaming desperately to be watched, we feel very lonely.
  • I like being alone, but I’m not lonely, my loneliness keeps me company.
  • The higher the flight of the mind, the lonelier the path of the body.
  • Living with whom we love may be more lonely than living alone if we love not to love us.
  • I realised that I amused myself with loneliness rather than feeling lonely.
  • Sobriety makes us lonely.
  • I am a solitary and dreamer. And maybe for fear, it seems so cold and cruel at times.
  • The highest place is also the most lonely place.
  • In not being supportive,  you will always be lonely.
  • The memories are the only ones that keep me company on a lonely day.
  • No matter how strong you are there’s  always that day of tears falling.
  • Life is like a game the difference is that when you die, you can not restart.
  • Children are so special that there is no sadness or loneliness for them.
  • Open your mind, and close your mouth, closed mind does not enter idea, and open mouth enters fly

Alone Lonely Messages

  • Believing is Difficult, more to see that your dream did not make you worse and worse.
  • When you love someone who does not love you, it’s not love and pain.
  • Poets speak well of love because it brings inspiration. But I speak badly because I know him.
  • We have to overthrow the walls of pride.
  • What I seek is not love. My love, I have plenty of it. I’m looking for reason. To use it.
  • Disappointments make you open your eyes and close your heart.
  • Once they told me “run after your dreams” and then I went after you.
  • You do not know how many times I’ve cried that you’re not on my side! #FeelingLonely
  • Sometimes this sadness means “I miss you and only you do not realise.
  • Everyone wants respect but not everyone offers the respect they want.
  • The mind is our worst enemy, sometimes it gives us both hope and disappointment at the same time.
  • I will love you until after life ceases.
  • You come back to her and I go back into the darkness.
  • My heart is in the wilderness.
  • I am always alone, nevertheless, the moment I remember my dear, I fall again in loneliness.
  • I made my loneliness my true friend.
  • I love you!! Why do not you fill this up?
  • Save me from myself please! Feeling Lonely!!
  • I feel sad lonely, and I see that nobody cares For me…!
  • I prefer to be an eternal loner, than to live in eternal falsehood.
  • My biggest asset is knowing how to live alone.
  • God help me, I can not be a disappointment to myself being lonely.
  • Living without a love is like living in a very lonely desert.
  • Who does not speak alone is the loneliest of loners, or is a madman.
  • Time goes by slowly when you’re lonely.
  • Sometimes I feel lonely but it’s just thinking of you that this feeling changes!
  • The lonely man is not a beast. He is a thunderous and intelligent magician.
  • Who has many friends in the background is very lonely.
  • Travelling the world alone does not mean living a solitary adventure.
  • Forgiving yourself, even though it is a solitary act, is the most practical way of making peace with the only person who can actually and early destroy you.
  • I am a solitary convinced that this is the best way to be happy in solidarity with the solitude solidity of one.
  • As the poet said, happiness is a scarce and solitary path, if we do not do it ourselves, no one will.
  • Life will bind you in arid places and in solitary times so that you grow by analysing yourself.
  • I’ve been abandoned, but I’m not lonely, Jah is with me.
  • I prefer to be alone lion, than a mediocre sheep in any flock.
  • Who is not supportive, and always a loner.
  • Living with the wrong man can be a thousand times more lonely than living without any.
  • It is a lonely world, of frightened people.
  • I had to learn to feel things, nothing never came to me spontaneously. And it ‘s so lonely.
  • Only the lonely know the joy of friendship. For those who are far away, friends are everything.
  • There are people so lonely that they can not even see their own existence.
  • I am only an eternal lover, who has been condemned to live forever alone
  • A cruel life is solitary, an ordinary and imaginary relationship with the unconscious of my subconscious.
  • No one is so lonely. Who at least never took a shit in the house?
  • No matter how happy I seem to be, it’s you; That even far away, you know how lonely and unsatisfied I really am.
  • It is dark, I am half world afraid for my possible lonely future if I continue to love you.
  • A sad and lonely religious person has God to console him, an atheist has nothing.
  • The loners are the best people, they are complete.
  • We are lonely today. Forgotten among the multitude of hearts searching for understanding.
  • The basic characteristic of a lonely old man is to spend his whole life looking for someone perfect.
  • Two loners in company are not together. They only experience solitude from one another without separating.
  • My Love For You eh Like a Lost Soul Wandering Lonely in a World of Illusions will Solitaries are not the ones who stay alone, but those who feel alone.
  • Feel lonely, just so look and see who your friends really are.
  • Do not forget, even a solitary star has its brightness
  • To be lonely is not to have someone to love, but to have already loved someone
  • I’m feeling sad and lonely as if there was no one out there waiting for me.
  • Those who practice other people’s occupation are people of lonely souls and empty minds.
  • And even in such a lonely city it becomes increasingly difficult to find a place to be alone.

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