Belated Birthday Images and Wishes- Late Happy Birthday

By | July 13, 2020

Feel free to browse and download belated Birthday Images and belated birthday wishes. Being late is not a good idea and also it doesn’t make a good impression persons who are surrounded by you.

Belated Birthday Birthday

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Birthday is the best time and the day to come closer to the people whom you loved. In case if you missed someone birthday by intentionally or intentionally and want you to think you’re late now to wish them then nothing to worry about you can still send your belated wishes to your friend or family person whom you have missed Birthday.  Don’t worry if you’re confused and don’t have words to wish belated birthday then we are here to help you.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes


  1. Happy Belated Birthday But I did not forget you! I did not forget that special day. From that day God brought to the world a little child full of grace, beauty, affection, love in the heart. happy belated birthday!
  2. A very special person who knows how to captivate and enchant those who surround her. Who knows how to conquer! A person who lives inside my heart, who fills the void that sometimes takes care of people. Someone whom everyone cherishes, which is very important! Happy Belated Birthday!
  3. I would like to be able to give all the gifts of the world, not expensive gifts that money buys gifts that must be present in your day to day. Those who even have nothing can give happiness, love, health and peace! Happy Belated Birthday!
  4. These are the gifts I desire. I tried to put them in a large box, wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with a beautiful satin ribbon, But these gifts would not fit into any box in the world, however large it might be. Happy Birthday!
  5. I understood immediately why they are present in a hug, in a friendly word because the message has been a little late, I leave you twice as many hugs. So you forget your birthday day as one day, and turn every day of your life into your day! Happy Belated Birthday!
  6. Today, I remembered your birthday and I realized that your day has passed, but I still want to wish you my sincere wishes for many good wishes and many years of life. Belated Happy Birthday!
  7. May hope and success be your goals. May peace and joy be your flags of struggle so that you can overcome all obstacles from day to day. And now, even late, I want to greet you for your birthday. Wish you belated birthday!
  8. During the rush of life, we sometimes slip into certain things that are very important to us, and you are a very important person to me. Wish you Happy Birthday!
  9. Even though I am late to greet you as the day passes, I wish you all the best and you are very happy. Congratulations on your birthday, even late!
  10. My head has been kind of forgotten lately and I ended up forgetting your birthday, but that does not stop me from telling you and wanting everything I wanted on that special date to you. Best wishes on being such a cheerful, good-humored and beautiful person that you are! Happy Belated Birthday!
  11. Best of luck for all the paths that you still want to go through, even if there are obstacles, these only make us mature and learn to walk through beautiful tiled and happy streets. That you can make all your dreams come true and that the old project you had in mind finally comes true.
  12. Even though late I want to tell you that even though I forgot that day when I remembered I felt a great guilt because you are such a special person that there is no forgiveness for my wind head.
  13. Today I remembered a person that I really like: You! Yeah, and I also remembered that your birthday is over.
  14. Now even late, I want to wish you all the happiness of the world, every
    the success that may exist, and every year of life!
  15. You are a special person, those who mark our lives for their extraordinary
    way of being, their remarkable qualities. His words are sincere and possess many other qualities difficult to meet in people.

Late Happy Birthday Wishes

  1. We want you to know that even though your birthday is past, we wish for everything that is more sublime for your life. Congratulations on your day!
  2. Sorry, but this time I really forgot! Which does not stop me from sending you the best wishes that I can imagine. May your well of happiness overflow with so much joy, that health never leaves you and that your strength is completely renewed for this new journey!
  3. You know better than to be late? It is that at least I can ask that everything that was wished to you be definitively realized! Happy Birthday!
  4. Although arriving late, this small tribute in the form of congratulation is as felt as genuine. Happy Belated Birthday Dear!
  5. Forgive me the delay, my dear, but you know it was not intentional and I never forget you. You are very important because to me it is much more than just a cousin.
  6. May this new age be enriched with many achievements and even more happiness. You deserve all the success in the world And that any impediment that appears can always be easily eliminated. Happy Belated Birthday!
  7. Enjoy this new stage immensely, abuse your optimism, your good mood, your smiles and your joviality. May all your steps be well guided and next year I can improve even more the way I wish you a happy birthday! Happy Belated Birthday Friend!
  8. Happy Belated birthday, dear and beloved niece! I know these congratulations are late, but they are loaded with affection, and they also carry a penitent apology.
  9. Forgive me the delay, baby, you know it was not for evil, only sometimes life distracts us to the point of forgetting dates as important as your birthday. But you live in my thoughts and my heart, always. Happy Belated Birthday, my dear!
  10. Happy late birthday! I hope your birthday was everything you expected. I’m sorry for missing your birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday Images

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Happy Belated Birthday Messages and Greetings

  1. Sorry, I forgot the most important day of the year your birthday! Forgive me and Happy Belated Birthday!
  2. I’m so lucky to have a great friend like you … who would forgive me if I forgot your birthday, other than you? Happy late birthday!
  3. I hope your day has been as special as you are. Happy birthday belated!
  4. I forgot the date but my wishes of happiness for you are unforgettable. Happy Birthday!!!! I love you!
  5. Although this greeting is a bit late. The desire that brings happiness is appropriate for any date. Happy belated birthday
  6. I hope your birthday was happy and great. I wish you a wonderful year! Happy Belated Birthday!
  7. Sorry, I missed your birthday. How strange, right? This only happens to me once a year. Happy birthday.
  8. What a clumsy one. I missed your birthday. What was he thinking? I hope it was super fun.
  9. I’m late. I’m late for a very important date: your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  10. I hope you’re still having a Happy Birthday!
  11. I’m sorry, I was late. Happy Birthday!
  12. Ours has been so long since your birthday, but as I only realized now, I come here after an eternity to wish you a happy birthday!
  13. I hope your day has been very well spent, full of gifts, good companies and many hugs. Happy Belated Birthday!
  14. Do not be sad about my delay because you already know that my neurons are not well trained to remember dates, much less the ones that happen once a year like birthdays.

Happy Belated Birthday Funny

  1. Even with my forgetfulness, you know that you live on the left side of my chest and intend to remain there for a long time. Happy Belated Birthday
  2. Congratulations! Happy Birthday!
    I know I’m late. I know I forgot your birthday on the date. I know I’m a head in the air, but I love you! I really like you! Forgive me for being the most distracted and forgotten person in your entire network of contacts and friendships.
  3. I wish all your dreams come true.
    Next year I will be the first person to give you Happy Birthday wishes to you. Promise!
  4. May we celebrate your birthday for many, many years, remembering many happy moments and preparing ourselves to reach new dreams. Happy Belated Birthday!
  5. My friend, you can not imagine how sorry I was to let your birthday pass without congratulating you. Happy late birthday, and an apology!
  6. I hope you have celebrated in style, and that the day has lived up to your expectations. Know that even though I have forgotten the date, I never forget you, simply life sometimes distracts us from what really matters.
  7. Congratulations, my friend! Accept my vows, for even if they are late, they are sincere. Happy Belated Birthday!
  8. Yeah, I forgot about your birthday. But I am sure that after you read this message I will be totally forgiven. Happy Belated Birthday
  9. Despite the distance, I hope your day has been wonderful, with intense moments of joy in the presence of those who constantly rejoice your life. Happy Belated Birthday Sweetheart!
  10. I promise not to be late for a year, nor that I need to congratulate you in advance! Happy Late Birthday!
  11. May your day have been incredible and that all those dreams that are hidden there may be in the near future completed.
  12. May happiness continue forever around your life, you deserve many other moments of joy, success and good health every day.
  13. Best wishes to you, my son-in-law, today and for all your life! Belated Happy Birthday!
  14. Today, lamenting the forgetfulness, I send my congratulations, which, although delayed, are loaded with sincerity and desires of many good things. Late happy birthday!
  15. I hope you had a beautiful day and that you could celebrate with those who have a preference in your heart.
  16. Know that having forgotten your birthday says nothing of how much I love you, and in fact, I never forget you. Congratulations and I hope you will relieve my carelessness!

Feel free to download given above belated birthday wishes and images. It’s not too late to greet someone. There is the old saying “Better late than never”. Don’t miss your loved ones. Help them even wishing them lately but still, it will send a good message into their mind that at least you cared and you remember this important date.

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