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By | January 15, 2020

Looking for happy fathers day messages and fathers day SMS? If yes then we are glad to tell you’re at the right place here you will also get fathers day messages from daughter, fathers day messages from son and fathers day messages to my husband. But before getting started we wish you a very very happy father’s day.

It seems that Father’s Day has a similar origin to Mother’s Day, and on both dates the initial idea was almost the same: creating dates to strengthen family ties and respect for those who gave us life.

The story goes that in 1909 in Washington, USA, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, daughter of civil war veteran John Bruce Dodd, on hearing a sermon dedicated to mothers, had the idea of celebrating Father’s Day. She wanted to pay homage to her own father, who saw his wife pass away in 1898 when she gave birth to her sixth child and had to raise the newborn and her other five children by herself. Some sources of research say that Sonora’s father’s name was William Jackson Smart, rather than John Bruce Dodd.

As an adult, Sonora was proud of her father to see him overcome all difficulties without the help of anyone. Then, in 1910, Sonora sent a petition to the Spokane Ministerial Association, a city located in Washington, United States. He also asked for help from an Entity of Young Christians in the city. The first American Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19 of that year, Sonora’s father’s birthday. The rose was chosen as a symbol of the event, the reds were dedicated to the living parents and the white, the deceased.

Messages for Father’s Day

From there the celebration spread from the city of Spokane to the whole state of Washington. Finally, in 1924 President Calvin Coolidge, endorsed the idea of a national Father’s Day, and finally in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day (some say it was Made official by President Richard Nixon in 1972).

fathers day messages

fathers day messages

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Happy Fathers Day Wishes from daughterHappy Fathers Day Quotes and Happy Father’s Day Messages from Daughter

  • Today, on this special day in which we celebrate the greatness of all parents, I want to pay homage to my, you, my father, who for a lifetime proved to be the best of parents, someone who was always present and constant, someone who was Strength and stability even at the most difficult times.
  • Daily giving the best example, you are the best man I know, it is my inspiration and reference for everything, and because almost everything I owe you, I also thank you with all my heart. Happy Father’s Day, Father! I love you!
  • Father is a hero Father is a hero
    For My Husband, Best of Parents
    Happy father’s day, my love! Not only today but every day, you are worthy of the most effusive tributes, for you are the best of parents, a perfect husband, a fellow like no other!
  • You are the greatest blessing of our lives and the great pillar upon which our family lies. You are loving, patient, dedicated, attentive, present … You are everything, it is perfection, it is love and affection. I love you very much and thank you for everything!

*** Happy Father’s Day, My Friend ***

  • My friend, for you who embarked without fears or doubts in this great and divine adventure that is to be a father, today I want to wish you a happy father’s day!
  • I know you will receive well-deserved honours on this special day, but I also know that the greatest and best honour will come with time.
  • Watching the growth, evolution, of a child through life is without comparison the best reward of fatherhood. Enjoy this gift, my friend!

fathers day messages from daughter

***For affectionate parents For affectionate parents***

  • Being a father is a privilege Being a father is a privilege
    For My Dear Father
    I praise God
    every day for being his daughter.
    Why are you an example to me!
    What a wonderful thing it
    is to be able to count on you
    and to be by your side in the sad
    and also the happiest days of my life.
  • I wish you a Happy Father’s Day today!
    I love you.

*** Happy Father’s Day, my beloved Father ***

  • Father, you taught me that it is possible to love unconditionally and not be permissive, and you have managed to raise strong and human children. Father, your greatest gift is your life, it is the way you lived and the fruits you are reaping now. You, besides father, are many other things, and I am suspicious to speak, But he would say that the mission that best performed was that of the father. And now that I am also a father, I believe there is no greater realisation than this!
  • Thank you, my father, for giving me life and for helping me to be who I am.  I love you so much!
  • My father, this is the day when your lack is even more present because it would give the world today to be able to embrace you again and wish you a happy father’s day.
  • But you’re no longer with us, you’re gone, and in this our last goodbye my heart has broken forever. All day long I miss you and remember our stories with affection.
  • My love for you will have no end, my father, and not only on days like this, but every day of my life, I will remember you with eternal longing!
  • For you who are discovering the wonders of parenthood for the first time, a happy father’s day!
  • Everything is new now, and it seems like every day you are discovering something new. But the love and bond that were born between you and your child, these will be eternal and will never change.
  • Enjoy every moment, every change, every phase! For the best reward for a parent is to see their child grow up to become a healthy, capable and responsible adult.

fathers day messages from son

*** My father-in-law, An Example Of A Father ***

  • Happy Father’s Day, dear father-in-law! You are one of the best examples I have ever known in life of what it is to be a great father and an example of a man.
  • The merit of a father is reflected in his children, and in his case such truth lives in the person I love and share with my life, so I also owe him a thank you.
  • I hope that today you receive the well-deserved honours with great joy in your heart, for you are a great man and a great father!

***My stepfather, My Father***

  • In you I found a father figure as I did not think it was possible. In his heart mine found the sincere love and affection of a true father.
  • Happy Father’s Day, dear stepfather! Today it would be impossible to imagine my life without you. For you are the father that life gave me as a gift later.
  • But your love and dedication make up for all the time we’ve been apart. I love you, my stepfather, my father!

***Best Boyfriend, Best Father***

  • Happy father’s day, my love! You’re an extraordinary man, you’ve always been the best of boyfriends, and now you’ve turned out to be the best of the fathers.
  • Being on your side is a pride to me, for in addition to the love we share today I know that the best man does not exist!
  • Today I wanted to honour you in the best way, but in fact the best homage to you is in our son’s perfect smile when you contemplate him with his look of tenderness and endless love.

***Much More Than A Brother***

  • You’re more than a brother to me. It’s like a father or a mother, you know? Your existence gives me protection, makes everything seem simple to conquer. I feel that fear is not part of me.
  • All this because you are on my side, supporting and giving endless love, unique love. On this Father’s Day, I want to thank you for all the beautiful and unique things you convey to me. I adore you, my brother!

fathers day messages to my husband

***Thanks Dad!***

  • Father, I thank you for everything I am today. If I know what it is to be an independent woman of character and personality, it is because you have made me so.
  • Only I know how difficult this life is without you, without having my safe harbour, with nowhere to run when I feel afraid at night, without having your lap warm to lie down and cry when your chest is tight, full of sadness.
  • But what if this sadness is all about you? I do not blame God for taking him, if that happened it was because he was deserving of his rest and peace.
  • Rest of a life full of worries and hard work. Yes, because that’s what I’ve seen my whole life. You worked, and yet you were worried that you were having the life you wanted. He always gave me everything better.
  • You have been and always will be the best father in the world. I wish I had said that by looking into your eyes, but I never had the guts. I know you must be watching me type this text, so I’ll say: I Love You!

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