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By | October 10, 2020

Friends are the gift from the god. The most important and valuable relationship exists in the universe then it’s Friendship. Everyone needs a friend to talk and to share the feeling of their heart. So, in this article we are going to share Friendship Messages, Friendship Wishes and Friendship Quotes with the hope you will share with your lovely and dear friends.

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Best Friendship Messages, Wishes and Quotes

friendship messages wishes quotes

We already know you’re searching for messages, wishes and quotes for friends that’s why you’re landed here and we promise you will get the best stuff with you. Following are the best messages, wishes and quotes for your friends. Don’t forget to like and share these with your friends on your social media like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.


Friends are born, not made.


Friends are God’s apology for relations!

A good friend remembers what we were and sees what we can be!

Love is temporary…but friends are forever!

best friendship quotes


Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

A brother is not always a friend, but a friend is always a brother.

“Never hurt your friends, not even in a joke”

Hold on to your friend with both hands!

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In a friend you find a second self.

A person who has no friends,
lives only half way!

Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty.

friendship messages

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway!

Friendship doubles your joys,
and divides your sorrows.

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me!

friendship quotes images
A friend loveth at all times.!

A friend might well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature!

friendship quotes

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Friendship Wishes

  • We do not need many friends. We need good friends.
  • There’s always that person we need to talk to every day. If we do not talk, it’s as if something is missing.
  • True friendship is not inseparable. It is to be separated, and nothing to change.
  • One of the life’s best sensations is to make sure you can trust someone.
  • I confess that I find friends much less than I should.
  • Real friends get new friends, but they never forget the old ones.
  • Over time I developed a deep confidence in myself, I am my best friend in the worst moments of my life.
  • Maybe I do not have many friends. But the ones I have are the best anyone could have!
  • They say that true love never dies. I believe, then, that our friendship, which lasts for decades, endured distance, cried, smiled, remains to this day.
  • Never let a real friendship end, for in the end you will always regret not having maintained that beautiful friendship!
  • I know that I can entrust you with my deepest longings and that you will encourage them as if they were yours.
  • Your friendship makes itself present even when we are distant. Thank you for all your affection and support!
  • We turn into celebration the most trivial occasion. Because being together is enough reason to celebrate our friendship.
  • Despite all the changes in our lives, our friendship will always remain eternal. Love you friend!
  • You came into my life by chance and remained in it for deserving. Thank you my friend for being part of my life!
  • Friendship between man and woman exists yes because a friendship when it is true does not choose a race, gender or social class!
  • Do not let pride or stubbornness make you lose a friendship. Preserving a good friend is worth more than saving a treasure today.
  • There is always a new chance for true friendship. When one loves a friend, no matter how much fights there may be, there is always a way to achieve a reconciliation.
  • Sometimes in life happen wonderful things that give us strength and courage to face any challenge. Our friendship is like this.
  • Despite being recent, I can say that our friendship has already changed my life. Thank you for being so special and for being part of my story.
  • Friendship is priceless. Invaluable! I think you have no idea of the beauty that exists in such a deep relationship. Friendship is a chest filled with respect, complicity, affection, attention; Availability.
  • Our friendship has been fresh air in my life! Although we met a short while ago, I feel like you will be a friend forever. It may be years that we will be together!
  • I am not interested in great material wealth, for the greatest of all the treasures we can possess in life is called friendship.
  • No one is poor if he has a true and sincere friendship. For with just one friend there is no one left alone or helpless.
  • A true and sincere friendship is all I need to overcome any obstacle and find smiles when only tears are left.
  • That is why your friendship is so important to me, and for it I thank you from the heart!
  • I want to remember what we share and say that I can not forget the importance you will always have for me. May happiness continue to accompany us for the rest of our days.
  • You are to me the person I treasure. It is a blessing to feel your genuine friendship day after day and I really want it to prevail like this forever and ever.
  • His dishonesty threw out a union he thought was invincible, indestructible. It turned out that his way made everything fall apart. But life is like this!
  • I am sure that I will find my precious stone because friendship is not bought or thrown away; It exists and is eternal or never existed. Be happy!
  • Friendship must never go beyond the frontier of individuality, freedom and respect.
short friendship quotes

short friendship quotes

Friendship Messages

  • Real friend, do not abandon the other in the moment of despair, he overcomes the challenges together with you and moves on!
  • Friends only want our good, even if they have to show us some harsh realities about ourselves. Be wary of those who agree at all with you!
  • I adore you, our complicity and our strong and eternal friendship!
  • I may not always be with them, not see them for a while, but I know my friends are there, ready to help me if I call.
  • So I just have to thank you and ask you to keep it that way forever. That even if everything is missing, there is always friendship!
  • Never think that you lost a friendship, because if you lost it was not friendship!
  • It seems a joke, but our friendship is very important to me. Looks like we’ve known each other for about five years. When I do not go online, I’m sad to think that I will not talk to you.
  • I come across this message to tell you that you are like my best friend. I love you very much! Never forget me, for here in my heart there is a space reserved for you.
  • Let time pass and do not take you away from me. We still have many stories to share, and moments of fellowship to live. Thank you for your friendship!
  • One day I was thinking about the differences between love and friendship, and I quickly discovered that there are not so many.
  • A love can be more intense, but a friendship gives more security. A loving partner can be a great friend, and a friend can turn out to become a great love.
  • One feeling and the other are connected, almost confused at times, and surely do not live without each other.
  • My dear friend, our friendship is a gift from God and it was blessed from the beginning. Happy friend day!
  • You were an angel that God put in my way to accompany me in life. Our friendship is sincere, it breathes truth, love, understanding and respect.
  • All day long I thank God for your friendship, and now I also thank you, my friend. Long or short, I hope we continue to walk our paths side by side until the end.
  • To have a real friend is to have a soul brother.
  • I thank you for the love, the support, the hours shared between smiles or tears; I thank you for everything, and especially for existing in my life. I love you!
  • I’m so happy to meet you and I sincerely hope our friendship is forever!
  • You can say what you like, hit your fist and swear that friendship between man and woman does not exist because we are here to prove otherwise.
  • Know, my friend, that I am very proud of our friendship, and I know that it will be eternal, always loyal, complicit and innocent as it has been until now.
  • You have always been here for me, in you I know that I can trust and support myself, and there is no one in the world with whom I enjoy sharing life. I adore you, my dear friend!
  • I want to continue to share exciting stories and unique adventures to strengthen our unity. Friends like you are rare and I want to keep you close to me forever.
  • Yes, it is in our friendship that I am thinking! You are the best gift I have ever received, and so I will strive to make our friendship eternal.Friendship lives by giving and receiving the best of each one of us.
  • The value of our friendship is incalculable, for you are a precious person and very difficult to find. In his heart I discover every day rare qualities that make me want to remain by his side forever, and I have every reason to believe that this will happen.
  • You enrich my life, give color to all my moments and it is also a good companion when I need support. I want to thank you for all that this friendship means to me.
  • You do not leave my mind, for it remains essential to me. I already miss those adventures that only happen when I have her by my side.
  • My dear friend, I just want you to believe how I would change some of the things I did that hurt you. I’m sorry, please, because I want our friendship to go back to the way it was before.
  • We have all discovered the value of a friendship with the trials that are given to us. Because it is not the words that make a sincere friendship, but the acts.
  • Because a true friend is the one who stands beside us in the storms and wants to share with us what is best.
  • Those friends who love us reveal this day after day with their loyalty and sincerity. That is why they become unforgettable, and we feel like keeping them forever.
  • Friendship can have many colors. May have few colors. In the friendship fit all the colors that we want. The relationship we are creating is very colorful. I hope it’s not too colorful.
  • I confess that everything is still very recent, but I feel a joy in the face and a strength in the heart. I love to meet you, my friend of all colors! Kiss.
  • It is with all of them that we discover who we are. And it is separated that we miss and miss. To enjoy a friendship is to receive and give without limitations.
  • It is living without fear of falling. Yes, because someone will be there to support us. Friendship is valuable and everyone has a right to know this special feeling.
  • If friendship was worth money, I would be a millionaire, for having the privilege of your friendship is unique comfort!
  • Thank you for always being by my side, for supporting me, for sharing with me dreams, joys, sorrows. Thank you for all the laughter and all the tears poured together.
  • Without you, my life would be meaningless and the world would lose its color. I adore you, and I hope that our friendship surpasses all the challenges of life and even death!


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