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By | August 19, 2020

Sometimes it’s very hard to say goodbye someone you love the most but we have to greet “goodbye” to our near and dear ones so that they can have a happy journey and can come back very soon in good heath.

In case if you are looking for Goodbye quotes, goodbye messages and good bye status for Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram status then don’t worry we have unique collection for the same. On this page you can check several farewell phrases to give a special goodbye to a family member, a friend, your boyfriend, or a co-worker who is leaving.

Best Good Bye Quotes and Good Bye WhatsApp Status

All messages shown here are short and can be used to tag a photo, to send an SMS by cell phone, or to Social Network Status. Simply scroll the page down and choose some of these phrases to affectionately say goodbye to your loved one.

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time to say goodbye

  • If the goodbye hurts is because the gap between hi and goodbye paid off.
  • Fate unites and separates. But no force is large enough to make people forget that for some reason one day made us happy.
  • Life taught me to say goodbye to the people I love, without taking them from my heart.
  • To say goodbye is not to say goodbye, it is to support and wish success for a new journey that is just beginning.
  • You’re gonna miss it …
  • A million words will not get you back. I know why I tried. Not a million tears will do. I know why I cried.
  • If there is a day that we will not be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll be there forever.
  • If you forget me, just one thing, forget me very slowly.
  • Do not cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
  • With each farewell, I die inside. With each reunion, I feel like I’m in heaven.
  • No distance can separate our feelings.
  • In the heat of your farewell, I’m imagining your return to give ourselves the flavor of a new encounter!
  • Will miss…
  • No matter the distance that separates us, but the love that unites us.
  • I have with me all the pain in the world hanging from my soul since I left.
  • Those who invented distance never suffered the pain of longing.
  • If it’s hard to say goodbye, it means it was worth it.
  • Goodbye teaches you to value people while they are alive.
  • Do not be sad about the farewell. It is necessary for us to meet again.
  • I did not learn to say goodbye.
  • No matter the distance that separates us, but the love that unites us.
  • The worst of the farewell, is the uncertainty of the return.
  • Death is nothing more than an unexpected farewell that we do not have the power to challenge or avoid.
  • You’re gonna miss it …
  • I’m leaving. When I come back, I’ll be back.
  • Farewells are possibilities of hot hugs in the folds of the future!
  • It will not be a “goodbye”, it will be a “goodbye”.
  • When there is fear of leaving, it is still worth staying.
  • Do not be sad about the farewell. It is necessary for us to meet again.
  • It’s hard to bear, the pain of farewell, especially when the match is never to return.
  • Farewell is not always goodbye. It may be a “goodbye” even if the logo is still time-consuming.
  • Farewell is a moment of sadness, in which hearts prepare to live a longing.
  • Life taught me to say goodbye to the people I love, without taking them from my heart.
  • Every farewell always comes with a new starting point.
  • The hour of the meeting is also farewell. The platform of this season is life.
  • In each farewell there is the image of death.
  • In love, there is no last goodbye, except the one who does not say it.
  • Every farewell is pain … so sweet, however, that I would say good night to you until the day dawned.
  • If you forget me, just one thing, forget me very slowly.
  • Every farewell is a meeting that was later.
  • In the melancholy of farewell the hope of reunion gives us strength to endure longing.
  • Life taught me to say goodbye to the people I love, without taking them from my heart.
  • Distance makes love what the wind does to the fire: it erases the small, it inflames the great.
  • The longest distance is between the head and the heart.
  • Distance is the allure of love.
  • No one ever knows when that ‘ goodbye ‘ might actually be goodbye.
  • “I stopped begging the company of others, if you want to stay, if you do not want goodbye.”
  • True affection in the long absence proves itself.
  • If by force of distance you are absent, by the strength that is in longing you will return.
  • But the coexistence is also made of silence, and distance.
  • The kiss is the shortest distance between two lovers.
  • All my days are goodbye.
  • Goodbye = GOD:
    It’s not a farewell, it’s delivering into God’s hands what you can no longer care for.
  • Love increases with distance.
  • Small steps, but many of them, quickly end the distance!
  • True poetry keeps the same distance from insensitivity and sentimentality.
  • Success is often just an idea away.
  • How to say goodbye to someone you never imagined without? I did not say goodbye. I did not say anything. I just left.
  • “We’re always leaving,  always saying goodbye.”

good bye farewell

  • Distance is the end for the heartless.
  • Distance separates us, thought unites us.
  • Maybe part of loving, is learning to let go.
  • Maybe part of loving, is learning to let go.
  • Sometimes, although it hurts, the best you can do is to say goodbye.
  • See you when fate feels like getting together, meanwhile take care and be happy.
  • I’ll miss you until we meet again.
  • Never make a smile bloom by saying “I love you”, then make a tear roll saying “Forget me”.
  • Farewells have a curious way of personal without saying words.
  • Never say goodbye to a family member, friend or loved one, you do not know if you will have the opportunity to see him again.
  • Remember that to start a new stage you have to close another, do not be afraid to say goodbye, it is part of life.
  • We may not separate by different paths, but I hope to see you again.
  • How hard to say goodbye to someone you really love.
  • Falling in love is easy, staying in love a challenge, letting go is the hardest part.
  • The most difficult thing is not the first kiss, but the last one.
  • I say goodbye for the rest of my life, even if I keep thinking about you all my life.
  • Love likes to say goodbye when you’ve hardly recognized it.
  • Love makes time pass, time makes love pass.
  • Only in the agony of saying goodbye, are we able to understand the depth of our love.
  • Although today you cry for goodbye, tomorrow you will smile at the memories.
  • The worst farewells are those that were not said.
  • One of the saddest things in life is saying goodbye to a person when you do not really want him to leave.
  • I do not remember our first kiss, and yet, I can not forget our last goodbye.
  • Every farewell should be done for the purpose of a future reunion.
  • You left without warning, today I live the happy memories that you left me.
  • Farewells are useless as long as those two people continue to be missed.
  • In every port and farewell of this life I forgot my heart beating there for you.
  • The sadness of a farewell is necessary for the joy of a reunion.
  • Every farewell is painful because it is a piece of life that we left behind losing the chance to live it
  • Do not judge me by farewell without a good-bye, I could not bear to have to leave and look …
  • The saddest of a farewell is the uncertainty of a return.
  • I can not create many hopes because every hello ends with a goodbye.Say goodbye never! Just disappear, so you miss me like I feel yours.
  • To say goodbye is to welcome a fresh start.
  • Goodbye is a word I never want to say to a person I love because goodbye is a long time.
  • No matter the distance that separates us but the love that unites us.
  • The biggest advantage of distance is to prove that longing exists.
  • Although the time and distance that separates us is cruel, it is they who make my love for you increase!
  • The distance between friendship and love can be the distance from a kiss.
  • Distance can separate two people, but never two hearts.
  • The distance stops me from seeing you, but it does not stop me from loving you.
  • It goes so far from compassion to charity as from intention to justice.
  • What if it was your last day? Who would you look to say goodbye?
  • Goodbye, I love you, it was my last thought.
  • “Come back and say goodbye, at least. Let’s pretend we are one.”

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