Happy Birthday Cousin Wishes: Quotes and Messages

By | July 7, 2020

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Happy Birthday Cousin 

If it’s your cousin sister’s or cousin brother’s birthday in coming next days or you want to send wishes today to wish or her then you are at the right place. Cousin brother and sister the first friend which we are introduced in our childhood. They give us unforgettable memories about. If its his or her birthday let make this day remarkable by sending wishes on the occasion of the birthday.

happy birthday cousin

happy birthday cousin

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Happy Birthday Cousin Wishes

  • On this most special day I could not fail to tell you how important you are in my life. Happy Birthday Cousin!
  • I hope that today and always you enjoy the best things that are in the world. Happy Birthday!
  • May this day have many moments of joy, peace, hope, love and more, because you deserve it.
  • Wish you a very happy birthday my loving cousin!
  • Dear cousin On this day, the best way for me to express how much I love you is to wish you all the happiness in the world! Happy Birthday!
  • That every day of your life you can be gifted by fate with all the happiness that your heart can carry. Happy Birthday Cousin.
  • May success accompany you with every step you take, and prosperity be your inseparable companion. WIsh You Happy Birthday!
  • “The pains of growth are inevitable, but they are insignificant in the face of the volume of suffering that man creates by ignoring how life works.” Happy Birthday cousin!
  • Happy Birthday, cousin! It’s great to see how you’ve grown in stature and intelligence. I know that throughout your life you have faced difficult situations, which often cause pain. But you always face these situations in a dignified way.
  • I am very proud of our friendship and I feel privileged to have gained such a special relative’s life.

Happy Birthday Cousin Messages

  • I wish you much peace, health and happiness! May your life be filled with wonderful moments, and may I be present in many of them.
  • May you continue being this love of person bringing joy to the lives of so many people. You deserve nothing less than the best feelings! I love you! Congratulations cousin!
  • “There’s nothing more exciting than the adventure of living.” ~ Jonnes Miller
  • I hope that today is a beautiful day, as it has been every day of your life, and that it will be celebrated with much love and joy. I wish you much health, success, peace and perseverance. Never give up your dreams! Congratulations and best wishes, my dear cousin!
  • I am happy to know that even far from each other we continue to be important and participate in each other’s lives. You’re my most special cousin, it’s like you’re a brother.
  • Congratulations cousin, lots of health, peace, love and many congratulations!
  • May this new phase comes with the happiness you deserve so that it continues to infect everyone with your good mood.
  • Happy Birthday! May this be just one more good year to come. Make sure I’ll be on your side to smile or even cry.
  • Special message for my loving cousin: Today I would like to wish you all the luck, love and happiness that the world has to offer you. Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for being by your side on yet another anniversary, of many to come. Whatever happens, it will happen for good reason because you deserve it.
  • Today, on the day of your birthday, I want to wish you much health, achievements, happiness and always a lot of success. Happy Birthday!
  • May the Lord continue to bless and enlighten your life. Happy Birthday!
  • Know that soon I will be killing the yearning I feel for you. Happy Birthday!
  • Never forget that you are like a brother and a friend to me. Happy Birthday!
  • My best wishes and a happy birthday to my beloved cousin. Cheers!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin

  • Congratulations, may this new phase of your life be full of joys and if it is not, I will still be on your side!
  • Happy birthday, dear cousin! I hope that today you celebrate, with everything you have right, the passage of another year of your life.
  • Have a great day, with lots of laughs and the whole family together!
  • On this special date, I would like to give my best wishes to you and wish you many many happy returns of the day! Happy Birthday!
  • I hope you will continue like this, go after your dreams and be able to accomplish each one of them. I’m sure you will, you just have to believe in yourself.
  • Many health, opportunities, many friends around you, success, joy and peace. Anyway, all the best!
  • Happy birthday and a big hug from your favorite cousin.
  • Happy birthday, cousin! Have a great day! Enjoy!
  • I wanted to wish you double what you want for me, because I know I’m your most beloved cousin. I love you too!
  • That’s why our family is partying! Let’s celebrate! A big hug and lots of kisses from your favorite cousin! Happy birthday cousin!

cousin happy birthday wishes messages

Birthday Wishes For Cousin

  • I hope your day is full of joys, that happiness is always present in your life and that time can reduce this bit of boredom! May he never lack health, money, or willpower to move on. Many and many years of life!  Happy Birthday!
  • Almost everyone has cousins, but almost no one has cousins as special as mine. I speak of two, they are the same age and today they complete another year of life.
  • Dear cousin, many best wishes for your life!  Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday cousin! You enchant with your beautiful and innocent smile, and it infects with this illusion so special, wonderful child.
  • Today is your party day and I hope it brings you many joys, hot surprises and many gifts.
  • Always enjoy life, beautiful boy, not only this day but every day of your life I expect very long and happy!
  • You’re the most annoying cousin the world has ever known, but so boring, so boring, I can not live without you! Happy Birthday!
  • My beloved cousin, I wish you many joys and success, for you are like a great part of my life which I greatly appreciate. Wish you happy birthday cousin.
  • Today we are celebrating her birthday and I feel completely grateful to have you always by my side offering me your friendship.
  • I want to wish you still, all the love and peace the world has to offer because you are very important to me and to all who accompany you.
  • we are always together for whatever comes! Count on me always! Happy Birthday my dear cousin.
  • Today is a special day and I’m coming here to let you know that I always remember you my dear cousin.
  • You are a little piece of me and even far away know that you are always in my prayers.

Happy Birthday Cuz

  • Happy birthday and many years of your life. Congratulations cousin!
  • sometimes I think, how can anyone love as much a person as boring as my little cousin? Easy, it’s because it’s simply wonderful!
  • Today one more year is complete of your precious lives and both, and in equal measure, I desire the greatest joys the world can offer! Congratulations, my beautiful cousins, my beloved people.
  • Congratulations cousin! This is a very special day because it was your day and reminded me of so many antics that we’ve done on days like this.
  • There were several birthdays and jokes, we had good and bad times, always together, giving the support that the other needed.
  • I want to enjoy your birthday to thank the good that makes me feel every moment we spend together. Happy Birthday Cuz!
  • You’re more than a cousin, you’re a faithful friend, and that’s a rarity nowadays. I wish you love, money, luck, peace and all the things you want for your life. Happy Birthday!
  • You who do not like to be remembered for your birthday take this card from a person you always remember. Happy birthday dear cousin!
  • I hope today is just the beginning of a fantastic year for you, Happy Birthday!
  • Dear cousin, have a happy birthday, and a life full of happiness, health, love and friendship!
  • Happy birthday my beloved cousin, a lot of health, peace and success in your life.Best wishes on your birthday cuz!
  • Cousin, I wish you many good things. May you have a very special day besides good companies and may God guide you always in the best ways, my parade.
  • Happy birthday and many years of life and many joys always!