Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend and Wife: Messages and Quotes

By | July 6, 2020

Searching for happy birthday wife and happy birthday girlfriend wishes, Messages and greetings? Then we have a huge collection for the same which you can share with your love and tell her how much you love her and care about her.

Happy Birthday Girlfriend and Wife

happy birthday girlfriend wife

happy birthday girlfriend wife

We have collected a huge just for you so that you can share with your soulmate and make her day memorable. The relation between husband and wife or relation between boyfriend and girlfriend is unique and very beautiful but to make this relationship beautiful one have to dedicate time and money to add color. If her birthday is coming in next few days then don’t forget to impress her and to add memorable moments in your relation.

Happy Birthday Girlfriend

Below we are sharing best wishes and messages which you can send via Facebook or Whatsapp like platforms or even you can write on handmade Birthday cards.

  1. How nice to have another birthday with you. And realize that every year you get more stunning.
  2. Today, my love, I want to tell you all these things, and say that I love you so much that I could not stay without wishing you a happy birthday!
  3. My love, since you are part of my life everything has become more beautiful and perfect. For by his side I learned what it is to be really happy.
  4. best wishes, my love! May this be a joyful and unforgettable birthday for the best reasons.
  5. You are the best gift of God.
    Your most precious creation.
    A unique being, perfectly unique:
  6. Your birthday is the
    perfect time for you to remember and
    thank the miracle you are!
  7. I want to see you always happy, very happy! Let all moments of your life be intense and wonderful, for then our moments together will be like the song of my dream: beautiful, alive and without end. And may we add to each verse of this song a new rhyme. Happy Birthday my love!
  8. Today is a special day because
    it’s your birthday!
    And I want to wish you
    much health and happiness!
  9. May each moment of your life
    be lived with joy,
    so that I can always
    see your face
    Smile, that charming smile! Happy Birthday My love!
  10. Happy birthday, my sweetheart,
    My princess and sweet girlfriend!
happy birthday wishes and messages for girlfriend

happy birthday wishes and messages for girlfriend

Romantic Birthday Wishes

  1. You stole my heart
    In the first moment that I saw her
    And since then my happiness
    Depends also on yours.
  2. Be happy, my love,
    And what will depend on me will be.
  3. I love you, today and forever
    And what you ask of me will be yours.
    Congratulations and best wishes!
  4. Today is your day, my love! I want you to know that our love represents what I have most valuable in life. You are my princess, my queen!
  5. My love, my princess, in this special day I want to reaffirm all the love, affection and respect I feel for you. Happy birthday, my beautiful girlfriend!
  6. I really love you, and what I most want is for you to always be happy! Wish you Happy Birthday
  7. Thank God for having someone like you with me, and today I am much better on all levels because you are mine and I am yours!
  8. You are irreplaceable, only your smile is capable of melting my heart and only your voice is enough to make me happy.
  9. May all your dreams come true. I will always do everything to make each one come true. I love you! Happy Birthday!
  10. In fact, I really do not think I would be able to face life the way I look if you were not on my side! And fortunately I’m sure you feel the same way with me!

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Sweet Birthday Messages For Her

  1. I wish that joy and peace are always on your side, but that they manifest even more today. Have a happy birthday, baby. I love you!
  2. Wish you happy birthday, my soul mate! I will always love you, regardless of the distance that separates us!
  3. I love you! I will love forever with the certainty that every day at your side will be a renewed gift.
  4. You know so much about what I think, about what I think, know everything I like, everything I do not like, and know everything that makes me happy. I love you! Best wishes!
  5. I love you so much and I want you to always be very happy. Enjoy your day, my love, and life always by my side!
  6. Anything I say will never faithfully define what my body feels when you appear before my eyes.
  7. Every millimeter of yours has a very important role in the composition of its beauty, which for me is incomparable.
  8. Everything that comes from you has the power to bring me happiness; Your voice, your look, your way, everything in you increases my passion daily.
  9. With his arrival in my life, God surpassed all my expectations and sent much more than in any other request.
  10. You are the love of my life and I want you to be embraced by all the feelings that involve happiness. Happy Birthday my love!
Sweet Birthday Messages For Her

Sweet Birthday Messages For Her

Happy Birthday Lover

  1. You are everything I have ever sought, so I hope that date will be repeated for many years and that I may be by your side celebrating. Happy birthday my girl.
  2. Today is a very special day, it’s about your birthday. Therefore, on this important date in your life, I wish you many happiness, health and peace.
  3. I do not know if it’s birthday thing to say I love you, but I say: I love you.
  4. It is with this purity that today I come to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  5. I pray that everything you want will come to fruition and that I may be on your side to share this joy. Wish you happy birthday!
  6. You make me feel good. Cares, supports me, understands me, calms me down and trusts me, but that’s not why I love you. Happy Birthday My love!
  7. It is a pleasure for me to be able to celebrate this special day with you and hope that many others will repeat themselves.Happy Birthday my love!


Happy Birthday For Her

  1. On this special day I want to share the happiness I feel when I am at your side. Wishing a year full of health, accomplishments, happiness and much love. Happy Birthday I love you!
  2. My princess, today is the most important and most special day of the year, for it was on this date that you came into the world and made it richer. Happy Birthday my love!
  3. Today is your special day, and for me it is the most important date of the year. I love you very much, and to you I owe all the joy that I now bring in my heart. Happy Birthday my love!
  4. The princess of my heart is celebrating another year of life, and for this reason alone, this day is a celebration and a lot of joy. Happy Birthday my love!
  5. All I want is for you to be as happy as I am at your side, And this will be my mission every day of our lives.

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life Images Girlfriend Wife

  1. I love you! Enjoy your day very much with joy and much love!
  2. You are my love, my pride, a great woman, the woman of my life! And all I want is for you to be as happy as I am at your side.
  3. May your life be long and full of successes, that you never lack health and reasons to smile. And above all, that I am always by your side. I love you!
  4. Enjoy your birthday with great joy and keep in your heart all the beautiful moments you live today. Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday Princess! I hope you just find joy and other good feelings, not only today, but in every day of your life. And you can be sure that I will always fight for it to be so.

Happy Birthday Wife

  1. My love for you is greater than everything and your happiness is the most important to me. So be happy, and keep making my heart happy this way, forever.
  2. Every day at his side are festive days and much joy, but today’s character is even stronger. It’s your birthday, my love!
  3. The happiest days of our lives are those where we can celebrate the birth of loved ones, the ones that really mean a lot to us and that make a difference in our walk.
  4. Men forget the date of their girlfriend’s birthday and their anniversary, but they know for sure the day of their team’s foundation.
  5. Happy Birthday. May you fulfill every day better promise of happiness, love and peace.
  6. Happy Birthday! Ah, tomorrow I take that piece of heaven I promised you, my love.
  7. Men forget the date of their girlfriend’s birthday and their anniversary, but they know for sure the day of their team’s foundation.
  8. Dear friend, congratulations on this special day, the day of harvesting another flower from the garden of your existence.

Happy Birthday To My Wife

  1. I am sure that today you are more than what was yesterday and in the previous days, more responsible, more woman, more experienced, more demanding … And every year more and more!
  2. That in this harvest you can cultivate the best in every season and be fully realized in all that clams. Congratulations always with the blessing of God!
  3. I met a person so poor that on his son’s birthday he had nothing to give, just love! Some people do not realize how rich they are.
  4. Today and your day, I just came here to wish you a Happy and Happy Anniversary full of peace, love and the main glory.
  5. Do not wish the best of this life, because the best of this life is not always really good, wish the best of God
  6. I confess that today I can not express all my joy, simply because I know that on this wonderful date you are much happier.
  7. May God enlighten you every day of your life, and bless your birthday! Kisses, my princess.
  8. You are the woman of my life; I love you and I love life by your side. Congratulations on your birthday, and have a very happy day!


Happy Birthday To My Wife

Happy Birthday To My Wife

Birthday Wishes For Wife

  1. Congratulations my love! May your day be beautiful and very happy, for a princess like you deserves that all your kingdom kneel at your feet.
  2. I am your chief servant, but my reasons for serving you are selfish, for you are my happiness, my paradise, and without you there is nothing.
  3. I love you beyond time and life, and I just want you to be as happy as I am by your side! Happy Birthday!
  4. It shows how lovely your personality is! Besides, you are affectionate, loving and you own my heart! Happy Birthday my love!
  5. When you came into my life, everything in her became more colored and since then I have not come closer to the loneliness or the sorrows that plagued my day to day.
  6. His joy has infected me in such a way that the past only interests me to make sure that I am living the best moments of my life.
  7. Happy Birthday My Queen, my queen! You came slowly, you gained and gained space and suddenly took over my life.
  8. Thank you! You brought to my kingdom what was missing. Today I can say that I am happy because I have the most charming woman at my side who can exist.
  9. Love is the country of the lovers, it is a place of bright colors and sounds, and it is where I feel happy. Thank you for letting me know about love. Happy Birthday Princess!

Birthday Messages For Wife

  1. Happy birthday love of my life! I hope your day is special like you and fill your heart with joy and satisfaction.
  2. Before I met you, love was a mystery to me, something strange that I did not understand well and found all descriptions exaggerated.
  3. Today I understand all the poems, all the songs, because everything that speaks of true and eternal love speaks of my love for you.
  4. You uncovered the mystery of love and showed me a world of endless happiness. And in exchange I want to make her happy for all eternity. I love you!
  5. I’m happy just by your side, I’m happy just because you exist. Today we will celebrate in style and I will do everything for you to have the best day ever! I love you!
  6. You are my world and my joy, and all I want is to be as happy as I am by your side. For this I will fight every day and I will face whatever, I promise.
  7. Having you by my side is the guarantee that happiness will accompany me every day. Happy Birthday my love!


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