Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband and BoyFriend- Quotes and Messages

By | July 5, 2020

Want to wish you boyfriend or husband on the occasion of his birthday? If yes then we welcome you to our website. Here you will find latest and best Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband and Happy Birthday Wishes Boyfriend.  Read this best collection of birthday wishes, quotes and messages and use them on greeting cards and messages for Facebook, SMS or Whatsapp. Happy birthday my love on this special day, love you.

Happy Birthday Husband Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Husband Boyfriend

Happy Birthday To My Husband

  • Happy Birthday Darling! And know that I’m thinking of you!
  • Today is a very special day for me. It is your birthday! Wish you Happy B’day my sweet husband!!
  • Thank you, my love for existing! Happy Birthday Darling!
  • Thank you for being with me on this very important date. Love you so much! Happy Birthday my Husband! Be very happy!
  • Today is your birthday, and I would like to be the first person to wish you all the happiness you deserve, for you are my great and eternal love.
  • Congratulations my love! Have the best birthday of your life. Many kisses.
  • Our love is wonderful and I know it’s eternal too! Every day I thank God for putting you on my way, and I ask you to keep us together forever.
  • Today I also ask Him to grant you more years of life, always happy. Happy birthday my love forever And that your dreams always come true. I love you.
  • My love, I love you so much. Happy Birthday To My Dear Husband!

Happy Birthday For Him – Best Hubby/Boyfriend

  • My soul mate who has been lost so long now that I have met I hope she stays with me for the rest of my life! Happy B’day to you!!
  • May you have an excellent day and full of joys! Happy Birthday my love!
  • On the day we celebrate this great event, I want to thank you, my beloved, for helping me to achieve my goals.
  • Darling, I love you today and always. Happy Birthday!
  • For those who have great importance for me, who makes me see life with eyes of hope, my desire for a special day full of love, achievements and joys. Happy Birthday my soulmate.
  • For my husband a happy birthday filled with many pleasant moments of joys and many accomplishments.
  • Have a super happy day! You deserve your existence to be remembered all the time. With love.
  • Today, you can do all the things you want. You must realize your dreams and run after your goals and ambitions. But come back, because I need you by my side. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
  • All I want is to see him happy and fulfilled, as much as I am happy by his side. For you are my life, the reason for my smile and the presence in all my dreams.
  • I love you very much and I ask God to bless you with many happy years of life. Happy Birthday love!


happy birthday wishes for husband

happy birthday wishes for husband

Birthday Quotes For Husband

  • You completely colored my life. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Happy Birthday my love! I feel like screaming to the world how much I love you. But I can not! I know it’s still too soon. But it hurts because we are living a story in secret.
  • I am very sorry, and I feel deeply guilty, for the failure of memory, but accept this my apology for having forgotten your birthday, my love!
  • You know my little head in the air, and also my heart, and you know that I love you very much and that this forgetfulness means nothing.
  • Forgive me my love! And accept my congratulations even delayed, because they will be loaded with love and joy for you to complete one more year of life.
  • I love you so much, and all I want is your happiness today, tomorrow and forever. Happy Birthday my dear husband!
  • I am very happy by your side, more than one day I imagined to be, and all I want is that you are so much or happier.
  • May God give you many years of life, and through them always bless our love. May your journey be long, and may faith, hope and love never fail. I love you! Wish you happy birthday my husband.
  • Happy Birthday! May your life be filled with many happiness, love, health, peace and all that is good in this life. You can always count on me!
  • it is with this purity that today I come to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • I pray that everything you want will come to fruition and that I may be on your side to share this joy.
  • Thank you for existing! Happy birthday, I love you so much! Have a nice day.
  • I will always hope that life will be kind to you. Happy Birthday macho man! I love you.
  • Today is a very special day, it’s about your birthday. Therefore, on this important date in your life, I wish you many happiness, health and peace.

Cute Birthday Wishes For Him

Birthday Wishes For Husband

  • I wish you a beautiful day, a long life with me at your side, and a path full of success. I love you!
  • Today, I want your heart to fill with as much joy as mine, for this is a unique and wonderful day, the date when we celebrate your arrival into the world. best Birthday Wishes For my Husband.
  • Happy Birthday my love! Every year that goes on, it makes our relationship even stronger. I feel that we are even more united. And this already seems something difficult to happen!
  • That is why my true gift is the promise of love for all life; The promise of an unshakeable and unique feeling! Have a very happy day, my love! A Thousand Kisses. Birthday Wishes For loving Husband.
  • To have your kiss even in the most compassionate hours. You are the best person that has appeared in my life. I love you for everything!
  • I love you very much and have only one request to make: be happy, please, so that I am also. Congratulations, love of my life!
  • Today you send, my love! Just kidding. Nothing makes me happier than wishing you a day full of peace and love. Happy Birthday my sweetheart and love of my life!
  • All I want is for you to be as happy as I am at your side And this will be my mission every day of our lives.
  • I love you! Enjoy your day very much with joy and much love! Happy Birthday dear husband.

happy birthday images wishes for him

Happy Birthday Husband Romantic

  • Happy Birthday my love! I wish a very beautiful day, full of peace and joy with whom you truly love!
  • I hope your birthday is as special and happy as it is all my days since we are boyfriends.
  • Enjoy this day, my love, and every day enjoy life to the fullest. I love you! Happy Birthday to my most romantic husband.
  • Happy birthday, baby! I have no more words to define the love I feel for you; I can find no other way to demonstrate this desire that takes care of all my wants.
  • My love, I hope that even far you feel the warmth of my love embrace your heart on this special day. Happy Birthday to my husband!
  • I’d love to be by your side. Not just today, but always. In fact, it is an injustice that we can not be together. And right now it’s your birthday!

Happy Birthday Boyfriend

Below are the wishes which are specially dedicated for boyfriend. we have tried to give our best to write to collect those happy birthday wishes for him. We hope you will like them too and share with him and tell him how much you love him.

happy birthday for himq

happy birthday for him

  • Happy Birthday my love! You are always in my thoughts, but especially today I can not stop thinking about you, the two of us together. Sometimes I wish I had met you sooner.
  • I promise to love and care for your heart every day to the end of our union. Have a wonderful day, darling! A Thousand Kisses.
  • Today is the day to celebrate the birthday of the best boyfriend in the world. Affectionate, dedicated, fun, friend and counselor, are just some of its qualities. Happy Birthday my life!
  • I am sure that time and distance will further strengthen the unity that exists between us and that we have built up over time. Happy Birthday Boyfriend to my boyfriend.
  • Let’s enjoy every minute before you leave and hope that this time passes quickly. I’ll be waiting for you to celebrate other birthdays.
  • I know it’s still early, but for you to remember that it’s the first place in my heart, I want to be the first to say, “Happy birthday!”.
  • I love you very much and I wish you many years of life by my side, with much love and passion, luck, achievements and success. Birthday Day Wishes for my caring boyfriend!
  • In the dream I feed the desire that until you arrive, not only this message but all my love, the longings and the kisses that I keep eager for you.
  • I do not know if it’s birthday thing to say I love you, but I say: I love you. Happy Birthday my life.
  • There are handsome boyfriends, there are the kindhearted, the fellows and there is you, which is complete in every way for me. Thank you for love me.
  • Today I wish you have a perfect birthday from beginning to end, and that joy takes over your heart. Happy Birthday To My Husband


Happy Birthday Quotes For Him

  • I’m happy just by your side, I’m happy just because you exist. Today we will celebrate in style and I will do everything for you to have the best day ever! I love you!
  • I hope your day is joyful, sweet and very special. And celebrate, because another year of your life is something very important and reason for a great party. Happy Birthday! I love you!
  • Happy Birthday my love! Having a boyfriend like you is a gift that I recognize and thank for every day. This quote is special for you. Enjoy your day.
  • You’re the most beautiful person I know, the reason for all my happiness. I wish this anniversary is marked by unique moments of peace and joy. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
  • I love you very much, my sweetheart! You are my favorite person all over the world.
  • In the wind, I ask you to take this kiss and when you get close to it you can wrap it around as if you were hugging it. I love you my boyfriend!
happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

Cute Quotes For Your Boyfriend

  • I pray every day for your happiness and for all your dreams to come true. For to see him happy is for me to be happy too.
  • You are the man of my dreams, the perfect boyfriend, for he is the one I love and makes me happy just because he exists. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday my love! I really wanted to have you by my side. Especially today, your special day, it would be wonderful to be together. You are distant, longing tightens the chest, but I want you to feel my presence at all times.
  • Have a happy birthday my love Increasingly you become fundamental in my life. You are more than the person who fills the emptiness of my heart. Happy Birthday!
  • If only I could be with you, my love. And making those numbers all that exist among us, a number of times a day I would say that I love you. Happy Birthday my cute boyfriend.
  • Because I’m sure, I would be happy 24 hours a day just for having your company. Happy Birthday my love!
  • The only thing I can say is that I will never abandon you. Nothing and no one can take me out of your life! I love you! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To My Love

  • I will always be here by your side to support you and fill you with affection, Share the good things and the not so good ones as well. Anyway, I’ll be here to love you forever. I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • You’re more than the best boyfriend out there. It’s a friend, a piece of me and all my heart. Have a whole day, hot or cold, but whole! Always be happy. I like you so much!
  • You are all of this and it represents even more to me! On the journey of life, you have always proved to be my best stop! I love you my love and Happy Birthday To My Love!
  • Sometimes I agree with the dream that you are on my side, that the distance between us ceased to exist; That we are as happy as ever. But this is not reality!
  • You are wonderful! I love you, my passion.
  • May God continue to bless you, and give you the peace you need, happiness and love. I love you dear boyfriend!
  • My Love, My Life! Happy birthday, may God bless you today and always.
  • You in my life is the certainty that I will always be in the ways of light. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Every day, I am able to find a thousand reasons to love you more and more, and that makes me face the future with more hope and joy.
  • May the joy invade your life and never let go again, Allowing you great moments that last forever. May our lives be forever linked. Happy B’Day Honey!
  • Have a great and happy birthday. I love you very much and I want only the wonderful things that exist in this world. Wish you luck my love!
  • My love for you will continue to grow, Regardless of obstacles that may come our way. I know we’re going to overtake each one of them! Happy birthday my love and my dream!

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