Happy Birthday Nephew And Niece: Wishes Quotes and Messages

By | July 7, 2020

Browse happy birthday nephew and happy birthday niece wishes, quotes and messages. if you want to wish you your niece or nephew on his/her birthday then we have latest collections to wish him/her. please scroll down to read more about. We are sure you will surely like and this article will help you to make your niece or nephew a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday Nephew & Niece

Birthday is the best time to spend quality time with your near and dear people. It’s also a time to express your feelings to your family and friends. If it’s your niece or nephew’s birthday coming in next few days or it’s him or her birthday today feel free to call or send birthday wishes and greetings to your niece or nephew and express how much you love your niece or nephew. To help you to our best following we are sharing great collection of birthday Wishes and Messages.

happy birthday nephew and niece

happy birthday nephew and niece

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

  1. Today is your birthday, I hope you have a day full of joys, great surprises and win many gifts. Today, on this special day when we celebrate your birth, I hope you are very happy in the company of your friends and your family. Happy Birthday my dear nephew!!
  2. May this party day, you can have so much fun! A tender kiss on your little angel face. Happy Birthday!
  3. May God protect you and make you ever more special and full of grace. It is a great pride to have you as my nephew.!
  4. It’s a very good birthday, I know you like this date that reminds me and my nephew, the day of your birth.
  5. I am happy to have you in my life, to receive your love and affection, and I hope that later you will be a great man with a good life, surrounded with much love and peace. Happy Birthday! A thousand kisses for you.
  6. A happy birthday nephew and many years of life. Enjoy your day!
  7. Happy birthday and congratulations for another year of life.
  8. Happy Birthday nephew, Remember that regardless of anything you will always be my love!
  9. I have many reasons to be happy, but one of the biggest is because I have a wonderful nephew who is you, my love. Best wishes. Always be happy.
  10. When we love someone, we want to see someone very well, happy, happy. I want to be sure that this is how your days have been including today’s birthday of my dear nephew.

Nephew Birthday Quotes

  1. Happy Birthday, my nephew, do everything you wish with great joy and celebrate your birthday with the people who love you the most. For my beloved nephew!!
  2. When you came into the world I loved you and waited anxiously for the moment to be able to get you on your lap, make you sleep, and other good things that I knew I would do. Best wishes my dear  nephew. have a happy birthday!
  3. Today I have a companion that I love too much and that is very special for me and for so many people. Happy Birthday my loving nephew!
  4. I really like you and I only have to thank the Father in Heaven for putting you in my life making me even happier, and for today I can give my best wishes for another anniversary. Be Happy, dear nephew!
  5. May God allow us to celebrate many and many years of life, with countless blessings poured out, and graces to be grateful for! Happy Birthday my dear Nephew!

Nephew Birthday Messages

  1. It is not easy to remember the dates of all birthdays with so many nephews, but even giving me so much work when I was little, of your day I did not forget! I hope you have an excellent day, with all the delights you love, accompanied by all your friends and relatives.
  2. First forgive your aunt for forgetting to send her a message in your day, is that age does not forgive and it is already getting difficult to remember everything alone.
  3. But leaving my time behind, know that you live in my heart and will always be a very special nephew to me.
  4. I hope your day has been excellent and that all the wishes of happiness are lived by you daily. May your life be full of achievements, that you will never lack health or strength to face any adversity.
  5. Happy birthday, my darling, may this new age be the best of all that have ever been lived!

Happy Birthday To My Nephew

  1. Today is a very important date, and also a day that made me think and realize how fast time passes because without realizing it, you are already completing eighteen years! Happy birthday, beautiful nephew from your auntie!
  2. I love you very much, my little big boy! Best wishes for your birthday and always be in happiness! Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday! Achievements are what you deserve for being so special! And for making the lives of those who know you a sequence of joys and happiness! Happy Birthday from your uncle.
  4. Thank you my dear, for being this person that you are, humble, affectionate, loving, funny, and all the best. May God enlighten you, guide and guide you, give you peace, love, happiness and all that you deserve. Congratulations, Nephew.
  5. May you always be cheerful and smiling, for this is how I like to see you. Happy Birthday Nephew!!


wish you a very happy birthday

wish you a very happy birthday

Happy Birthday Niece

  1. Of course, you are my favorite niece. When you want to know how much I love you, look at the sky and see its size, and my love for you does not end just grows, grows and grows. Happy Birthday my cute niece.
  2. Today is your birthday, I hope you have a day full of joys, great surprises and win many gifts. Happy Birthay niece!
  3. Today, on this special day we celebrate your birth, I hope you are very happy in the company of your friends and your family. Happy Birthday my loving niece from your auntie.
  4. Sure there are several people who really like you, and I’m one of them. Happy Birthday Niece!!
  5. Today you will have your back, much love and affection from all the people who love you. Happy Birthday!!
  6. I ask God on this special day, that he bless and protect you all the days of your life, and give you great health too. Happy Birthday!!
  7. I wish your birthday to be a party, all colorful, all cheerful as you are. A big kiss for you, my beautiful and a very happy birthday.Best wishes for you birthday my beloved niece.
  8. That in this new year of life you can have many more joys and accomplish everything you want, From an early age we learned that one of the best satisfactions we can have is to see our dreams come true. Happy Birthday!
  9. That on this day of your party, you can have a lot of fun, an affectionate kiss on your little angel face. Wish you happy birthday sweet niece.
  10. Dearest niece, what a joy to see her celebrate her birthday by completing another year of life. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday wishes for Niece nephew

Birthday Wishes For Niece

  1. Happy Birthday today, it’s all yours to rejoice and smile a lot! Best wishes for my beautiful niece.
  2. I hope that God enlightens you and makes you follow the best paths ever. A super kiss and a Happy Birthday!
  3. You gave so much to us and you do not even know it! It is that when we offer something without expecting to receive in return, the goodness is in sight. You’re made of this beautiful thing – kindness. Enjoy your day my sweet little niece.
  4. We love you very much, have you as old as you have.
  5. Is there any uncle or aunt who has a niece as special as mine? No, just me. Have a Happy Birthday, my dear niece!

Happy Birthday To My Niece

  1. May God bless this beautiful family, and bring great blessings to you, my beloved nephew!
  2. When you were born it made the whole family happy, but especially mine. Today I remember this day more vividly, because you complete one more year of life, and I another year enjoying the best nephew.
  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy this day with joy and gratitude. Feel free to ask as many wishes as you can, because I will ask a lot for them to come true. Happy Birthday To My Niece!
  4. I hope you will always be happy, my dear, and in all the stages of life you will never lack love, friendship, health and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  5. One more year! You grow up along with that cheeky, rebellious face. Happy birthday, dear niece! It’s too good to have a person as energetic as you are in the family.

Happy Birthday Messages To My Beautiful Niece

  1. You brought a lot of joy, beautiful baby, but more importantly, it’s making my beloved sister very happy.
  2. I love you very much, wonderful baby, and today, tomorrow, always and forever I will be here for what you need, and fight for your happiness!
  3. Beautiful baby, a year ago you came into our lives full of enchantment and joy and changed our whole world. Happy birthday, little treasure! Happy Birthday messaes for my beautiful niece.
  4. One of the most magical moments was when I saw my sister, her mother, radiant with happiness and fulfillment as she looked at her little angel face.

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