Happy 1st Birthday Wishes Quotes and Messages

By | July 8, 2020

Looking for happy first birthday wishes, happy first birthday Quotes and happy first birthday Messages for baby girl and baby boy? If yes then we have the latest collection for the same. Feel free to browse and download and make this day remarkable.

Happy First Birthday

happy birthday baby

happy birthday baby

Birthday is the best time of the year to express your love and your emotions to someone you love the most. If your son, daughter, niece, nephew or any near and dear is getting one year old and is going to celebrate his or her first happy birthday and you want to convey your wishes to them then we have unique and the latest collections of birthday wishes for one-year-old baby.

Happy First Birthday Wishes

Happy 1st Birthday To My Little Baby

  1. Today is your first big day, my love! Happy Birthday! When you can read, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the feeling spread out in these words. But you’re still a baby! Happy 1st birthday!
  2. one year ago life gained a new color and a new meaning. Best wishes baby! You are the most beautiful baby the world has ever known! Happy 1st birthday
  3. Life is just like this: a box of surprises! And I will always be by your side to witness all your successes! Kiss. Happy First Birthday!
  4. one year of life, one year of love. Happy Birthday, my baby!
  5. Today you complete one year of life, and it is almost incredible how in such a short time you were able to change so many lives and touch so many hearts. Happy birthday, my beloved Little baby!
  6. Today is a day of celebration and joy! A year has passed since that little pearl came out of the shell of Mom, the most beautiful mermaid in the world.  Happy Birthday Baby.
  7. Her little child has brought so much joy to her life and family life that we can not even imagine how much love will still come. Every day is a discovery, a surprise and a fresh start. happy 1st birthday boy
  8. Happy birthday, beautiful baby! And Best wishes to the papa and mummy too. I wish much happiness to all Much love, peace and health.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
  9. How you’ve grown, baby! You’re like honey – super sweet. You’re like a teddy bear – it feels like hugging you! happy birthday baby girl!
  10. My dear baby, today is your birthday and you’re probably going to stick your face in the cake instead of eating. May you have many innocent moments like that! Happy Birthday!
  11. little time was a being so small and today is now a year. I’m sure it was a year of many discoveries and learning. A happy birthday to your baby!
  12. I wish all the best for each of you and the family in general, and for your baby to grow strong and healthy. Wish you Happy Birthday to my little love!  happy birthday my one year old nephew!
  13. Enjoy every step, every moment, because time passes very fast. Be all very happy, always together!
  14. May God bless this beautiful family, and bring great blessings to you, my beloved baby!
  15. it is with great joy that I now congratulate you on your first year of life. Happy birthday, wonderful baby!
happy first birthday

happy first birthday

Happy First Birthday Quotes

  1. Today is the day to celebrate the wonders of this beautiful age. May the day be filled with many smiles, and all the wishes of happiness received be duly fulfilled. Best wishes on baby’s first birthday!
  2. Happy birthday, baby, and Best wishes to the most beautiful and wonderful mother in the universe!
  3. This is a very blessed and unique day because on this date was born the most beautiful and loving baby in the world: my baby!
  4. In this day of joy and celebration, all I ask is that God always protects you and grant you a life of happiness and much success. happy Birthday my angle!
  5. My beautiful baby, do not imagine how I love you! And this is an eternal love, for the bond between aunt and nephew nothing can break. Happy Birthday my love!
  6. May love, peace and harmony always be present in this beautiful family. Happy birthday, my beautiful and beloved one year old baby!
  7. Today the angels are celebrating the first year of our little one who lives in this world.
  8. May our beloved Father who dwells in heaven cover you with many blessings and always follow the right path. Happy birthday, my little baby.
  9. May you grow healthy and never lack the things necessary for your happiness.
  10. Thank you for your existence in my life dear son. Happy Birthday!
  11. Today we waited for her arrival with impatience and anxiety, and my life changed completely. You have revolutionized my world, for it has become the center of it. Happy first birthday, my love!
  12. It’s been a year since my life has gained a new color, a new direction. Happy Birthday, my beautiful baby!
  13. A beautiful day. Happy birthday, baby! I feel like I’m reborn! It seems that I face life with a different look, with a closer view of my world.
  14. Today you complete one year of life, and it is almost incredible how in such a short time you were able to change so many lives and touch so many hearts. Happy birthday, my beloved sweet child!
  15. Today is a very important day; In fact, today is one of the most important days of the year, because on this date is celebrated the wonderful moment you were born! Happy Birthday Baby.
Happy Birthday little baby

Happy Birthday little baby

Happy First Birthday Messages

  1. Do not imagine how grateful and happy I feel for it, for only then did I have the great opportunity to know and love you. Happy birthday, my little baby.
  2. Happy Birthday my love! With you, I discovered a whole universe of new sensations: how good it feels to feel the heart accelerated by another person; Feel this nervous good when she’s around.
  3. With you, I learned how good it is to love and feel the same retribution of feeling. You are my first love, and I wish it were eternal. Happy First Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best, my love! That you count many, many years, and that I cross them all by your side. happy Birthday my angle!
  5. My son, today I feel joy for you to complete another year of life. But I also feel some concern for your recent attitude, because it has caused me some sadness. Happy birthday, my beautiful and beloved one year old baby!
  6. Happy birthday, son! May happiness, good sense, courage and intelligence never be lacking in your life.
  7. a year has passed since you came into our lives and made them rich with joy and love.
  8. Today you still can not understand all that means to us, nor why today we will sing all together for you. But what matters is that by her sweet smile we know that she feels loved and protected.
  9. Happy birthday, little daughter! It is the first of many, and so it is so special, but it will be us who will truly celebrate this first anniversary.
  10. It was a wonderful year, perfect, happy, and now that the next ones come. We love you so much!Happy birthday, my little baby.

If you think wishing one year old on his or her birthday is easy but we would like to tell you that it isn’t that easy. Why it’s so difficult? Because choosing right phrases to express feelings is very difficult but you don’t have to worry about this. We are here to serve you the best wishes and quotes for one year old.