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By | July 9, 2020

Feel free to browse I love my sister quotes, happy birthday sister wishes and messages for free. You can send messages and quotes to your elder or younger sister to realize them how much you love them!

I Love My Sister

The bond between brother and sister or bond between two sisters is most amazing and full of ups and down. They fight with each other on petty issues but still, the relation they share with each other can not describe in words. This article is only dedicated to the sister. Here you will find the best the best collection of wishes and quotes related to sister which you can share with your younger or older sister to express your feelings and love.

i love you sister

I love you sister


So, what are you waiting for? Share the following wishes and quotes for your sister tell her how important she is in her life.

I Love My Sister Quotes

  • I could tell you many things, but I guess words are not enough to express the size of my admiration. Love you sister!!
  • I believe a lot in your success, I know you go far. And I’ll always be standing here to applaud you.
  • I am very happy to see your effort and determination to achieve your goals. In every fight, there is a victory. I love you my sister!!
  • My sister, you mean so much to me that it becomes difficult to explain in words all the love I feel for you.
  • You’re the person I trust the most in the world, and the one I always look for to vent. You support me in every situation, and it is on your side that I live the best moments. Love you my dear sister!!
  • There will never be distance or any other circumstance capable of separating us, for our connection is very strong and eternal. I love you very much, my sister, and I miss you so much!
  • Dear Sister … We can stay days without talking, we can fight, we can not agree with each other, we can stay away for a few days. Anyway, between us, everything can happen, but I’m sure that between the two there is a true love.
  • I want to apologize for the moments that made you sad, the moments that made you cry, the moments that I said hard words, the moments that I did not help you. And for all the times when I somehow left you wrong, but be sure that I did try to get it right. Thank you for being part of my life sister!
  • I want you every day better because I know that in addition to everything, we love each other. I love you very much, and I’m here for whatever it takes! Thank you sister!!
  • It’s a wonder to have you as a sister because besides being a sister you are a great friend. We are the sisters we serve as an example, for I do not remember the day when we stayed without speaking for many hours.
  • We are the sisters who agree with most things; We are the sisters who miss each other; We are those sisters who do not fight for material things, among other things.
  • I want to have you always by my side because God made us sisters because I was sure that this union would work very well. I love you so much! Do not forget that I will be by your side forever!
  • I do not think there are any more adjectives for you because you are a gift that God gave me and our age difference does not erase this love. I love you so much my dear sister!!
  • May God bless you always, may you be a victor and that all you desire be gifts given by God. I’m proud to have you as my sister. Kisses and hugs!

Happy Birthday Sister

happy birthday sisters

happy birthday sisters

  • Happy Birthday!
    Today is very special because it marks another year of your existence in this life that you both help to become truer! You have been a relentless sister and extremely important to my day.
  • You’re a friend, that even if we fought, it would never be far. I want to tell you one more time, I love you! You and I will always be together. Happy Birthday Sister!!
  • Continue your path the same way you have done until today because that is the road to your happiness and all those who cross you! Happy Birthday my dear sister!!
  • If the forever does not exist, we invented! Because our friendship is forever and ever, and because there is nothing stronger or greater than this our feeling! Happy Birthday!!
  • When I look at your beautiful smile, I can feel all the love I already feel. I can not imagine what my life would be like without you. Wish you happy birthday!!
  • Every day I remember you and everything I lived by your side. And between smiles of nostalgia and joy for having had the privilege of knowing it, there falls a tear of sadness. Wish you happy birthday sister!!

Wish you happy birthday sister

Quote About Sisters Love

  • Remember that one day we swear eternal friendship and this promise I make a point of fulfilling! Ah, my love, you are much more than a simple friend, you are my everything, my life, my safe harbor! I love you sister!
  • All we lived, our magical moments, our summer, our winter, our fall and our spring were perfect because I had you by my side! Our friendship seems to end, but it will always be reborn as a phoenix, which rises from the ashes! Wish you happy life my dear sister!!
  • Thank you for every word, every advice; thank you for existing! And they can move heaven and earth that nothing has changed or will change. I love you so much,
  • My sister, with you I spend most of the time, and it’s great to know that I have someone very special like you by my side. Counting you is always very good.
  • Despite all the fights, despite all the mistakes, you’re the one that I’m sure would do a lot for me. You are the only one who understands me, and who has a real affection for me; You are simply the only friend who has the same blood and the same last name, you are the friend who left the same place as me. Thank you my dear sister!!
  • You are the most loving sister there is! I could spend my whole life praising your way of seeing the world, your way of treating people, and yet you would not speak all that I admire in you.
  • I just wish that life would always smile in the direction of your heart, sister! And remember that I will always be by your side to make your days even more special. I adore you, sis!
  • You have emerged in our family as a last blessing, a gift that has been a pleasure to discover. We are all happy with your arrival and, as the younger sister, all our affection is just for you.
  • You are our pride, dear little sister, and we will be on your side to give you all the support and protection you need during the life that will still lie ahead.
  • I still remember all the enthusiasm I felt when I knew I was going to have a sister. I thought about how good it would be to have someone to take care of and help with whatever was needed.
  • It has been a blessing for our family to have a younger member that every day gives us great joy. You are my sister and I feel a very special bond between us. Believe it’s endless love, the feeling I have for you!

I love My Sister Messages

  • We are friends, we are sisters and we carry in the heart a unique and unconditional love.
  • My sister, I miss you so much! Since you left in my heart there was a huge hole of pain and longing.
  • I will never forget you, ever! For you were a big and very important piece of my life, and ever since you left there was a void in your place. I love you, my sister, today and forever!
  • You’re the best sister in the world and I just wish that life never separates us. Adore you!
  • You are not the sister I chose, but the friend my heart wants close to forever. I Love you, my sister!
  • Special, unique and eternal will always be the marks of our relationship. Love you sister!
  • Sister, in the worst and best we will always walk together on the road of joy. Adore you!
  • You in my life is all I need to be happy! It’s amazing what a younger sister
  • can do to us. I never imagined that your arrival to our family would give us such great comfort.It is that you are the reason for all the smiles; The reason for all joy and all the desire to live one more day, and one more day, and one more day! I love you, sister!
  • You’re my inspiration; She is my friend, she is my sister; It’s my everything, it’s my biggest blood. I am bound to you by the lineage, by the purest and real feelings that exist. It’s wonderful to have you as my big sister!

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