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By | October 11, 2020

Instagram is probably the social network that has more users after Facebook and Whatsapp. Soon after the signup, many are people looking for status to put in the profile or to tag their photos.

That’s why I decided to create this page! Here you can find stats for Instagram from various genres and subjects: attitude, intelligent, funny, sad and more. I made a selection only with different and unique and best Instagram status! I’m sure you’ll like some, see below!

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Best Status and Quotes For Instagram

Slutty, it is the person to demand of me, a quality that neither has.

May God long live to my enemies, so they can applaud standing my victory!

Like who I like … I’m like this.

Common sense is like deodorant. People who need it most never use it.

The pain that hurts me is the same as it teaches me!

Do not ask me who I am and do not tell me to stay the same.

To be able to deal with defeat is not to be weak, to be humble!

Only a fighter can fight with himself.

Do not throw thorns on the road; In the back you can be barefoot.

The purpose of the day: To be a better person, not perfect, just better than yesterday.

Life is really a party or you have fun or you dance too!

You’re the answer when you ask me what I’m thinking!

Be real in everything you do.

You’re a pretty face … with a face turned to the wall.

instagram status quotes

You are not loved because you are good, you are good because you are loved.

Try to move the world, the first step will be to move yourself.

Everywhere you only learn with who you like.

I love my job. Especially when I’m on vacation.

Do not convince me with big words, surprise me with small attitudes!

You will never be good enough for everyone

Do not seek to be better by anyone, if it is to change, than by you.

As beautiful and large as the building is, believe me, it all started with 1 brick.

She kind of pure caffeine, a routine mix with a little adrenaline and adventure!

I believe too much in luck. And I’ve found that the harder I work, the luckier I get.

But I suspect that the only free person, really free, is the one who is not afraid of ridicule.

The only truth is that I live. Sincerely, I live. Who am I? Well, that’s too much already.

You can see me smiling all day, but God knows what I do.

He who loses his goods loses much; Whoever loses a friend loses more; But whoever loses courage loses everything.

I’m like glass, if I fall I break, but if I step on I’ll cut you too.

The Beautiful body is one that has a happy person inside it.

“Today will still be better than yesterday!” This should be your thinking for everyday.

Easy stories do not usually turn out to be legend. Easy loves do not make history.

Perfect measure to end your life!

Silent people have the loudest minds.

Tell me who you’re going to tell you who you are!

By faith I will see my dreams realized by God.

Try and fail in life but never fail to try in life!

This is the problem of people who are sincere: they think everyone is, too.

Instagram Quotes

Brief is the madness, long the repentance!

Sleep with ideas wake up with attitudes.

After I learned to think for myself, I never thought myself the same again.

Strong are those who turns tears into smiles.

I have my limits. The first of them is my self-esteem.

If opportunity does not knock, build a door.

Do not be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.

Good frames do not save bad frames.

Life is dumb and I want to sleep….

If God created people to love and things to care for, why do we love things and use people !?

Not always the advertisement from outside corresponds to the product from within!

Defects do not hurt when the will and desire to correct them.

You don’t have to like me, I’m not Instagram status.

Old routes do not make new roads!

I don’t need to explain myself because I know I’m right.

And every day I will be so happy that I will bother others.

Nothing is wrong if it makes you happy.

Speaking badly of the other only reveals who you are and not the other.

Life is an echo, you receive what it emits!

A girl’s status will tell U more about how she feels than she ever will…!

You are born without asking and you die without meaning to, Take the break.

The law of return does not fail.

Thank U for making me feel less alone…

Happiness is not exposed if you live.

Nothing is more humiliating than to see fools overcome in what we fail!

May my happiness not depend on someone else’s bad will

Smile, it’s good for the soul and it infects.

I didn’t choose the #thug life, the thug life chose me..!

The world does not go around in vain.

May your dreams be greater than your fears!

It all depends on the importance you give!

Live the live U want to, not the one U’re supposed to

Life is for everyone, but few live it!

The universe conspires on behalf of those who do not conspiracy

Hard to be normal, my ego is the size of the Atlantic Ocean!

The fear of risking is what keeps you from evolving.

If U can’t convince them, confuse them.

No truth hurts me, no reason eats me!

Can I film U while you sleep? U’re so cute

Grow, no matter what happens!

Life is like a rose, every petal a dream, every thorn a reality!

I’am not smart. I just wear glasses.

Sweet as hell, thick in the same intensity!

Friends with a gang of geeks….!

Cry now laugh later!

Never complain, just thank

Cheat less, please more

I do not know how to feel little, I’m sorry!!

Always respects yourself!

If it’s to give up, give up being weak.

Pray. Wait. Trust

Gratitude changes everything

For a moment, be at peace.

Smile is a fresh start

Make it right, not the easy one

She was too smart to be unhappy for too long.

It takes peace to be able to smile.

So live a life you will remember.

There is nothing wrong in being happy.

There are people who only slows you down in life.

Free, light and detached!!

God’s love is comfort for the soul.

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