250+ Love Whatsapp Status For Him and Her

By | October 4, 2020

Want to surprise your lover? Well, on this page we have the list of best love status to use as the status of Whatsapp, Facebook you can use them on Instagram like social media platform and express your love to your soulmate.

There is not doubt Whatsapp most used mobile application. It has one of the best and unique features which is “Whatsapp Status”. Which you can use to express your feeling. You can express your emotion in up to 139 characters. If you want to express your feelings for girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife or to your crush. We have the unique collection of BEST LOVE WHATSAPP STATUS contains several romantic and passionate status. Scroll down to read about the same and don’t worry those love status are compatible with any social network and fit perfectly as a photo caption.

Best Love Whatsapp Status

Following are the best love whatsapp status specially for you. Feel free to share with your near and dear to show what you feel from him/her and express your love feel.

Happiness is a nine letter word. Mine is in Three: YOU.


My weakness has a name, address and a beautiful smile.


That moment when ‘I am with you’ last forever!


It’s never late, it never hurts; I am here, where are you? My love come and get me.


One moment is not everything … But you are everything in a single moment.


If it makes you smile, it’s because it makes you feel good. If it does you good, do not let it go.


It does not matter if we are different, anyway you complete me.


The first smile of my day appears when I open my eyes and I remember you. Good morning my love!


My life without you is like a story without any meaning.


Love is beautiful only when we find someone who makes us the best we can be.


Nothing like a great love to forget the difficult moments of life!


My biggest dream is to bring you into my reality.


I do not know what you have but I know that I love you like I’ve never loved anyone else!!


From the good things in my life, you are certainly the best!


best love status


Proof of love was when he said: I’ll face your father!


Lovers do not promise to make you happy. It makes your happiness happen everyday!


You can not even imagine how many smiles You are giving me, When I just think about you.


Words are not enough to express every feeling I have for you. Love you so much.


The plan is very simple: stay with Me, In my entire life.


You have no idea of the emptiness you leave when you’re not with me…!!


If I could choose again, I would choose you again.


In your arms I find safety against all the odds of life.


I did nothing this love to start, but I will do everything not to end.


One day someone will hold you so tight that all your broken pieces will come together again.


Time passes and my love for you only increases by the day.


Distance means nothing, When Love means everything.


It was by chance that you came into my life, but I ask you to stay on it on purpose.


I only suffer from all the force of the world because I love with the intensity of a comet.


When you really love someone, it does not matter what they think and what they say, what matters is what you love them.


I din’t knew the world is good or not, but it got much better when you stepped into my life.


Important was not the day that I met you, but the moment that you came to live within me.


A good relationship is when someone accepts their past, supports their present and motivates their future.


The strength of this love, It can not be measured, To love as I love you, Only once in a lifetime!


The best feeling is when you look at that person, and that person is already looking at you.


True love never fades outs, when it gives more, but if it does!


Do you know the reason for my smile every day? The second word of that phrase.


I do not need a thousand reasons to smile, you’re enough.


Everything I needed I found in you!


Love is a word that means a lot, but not half of what I feel for you.


When one’s happiness is his happiness, it is love.


Even if gold loses its value, even if the sun does not shine, for life I will love you.


If your life depends on my love, you will live beyond life, for I love you beyond love.


The happiness of knowing that you exist makes me strong to endure the sorrow of your absence. I love you!


There’s only one thing in the world more beautiful than you. WE.
I just want to be happy, with you and nobody else.


Love is a trip, thanks for the ride.


Her smile infects. There is love inside the heart.


I fell in love with its qualities and defects. There was no way!


We want someone to love the right way.


Just a true love to repair, what was once broken!!!


If it makes sense, it makes sense.


Love can make you immortal.


A passionate heart, just wants love.


Love surpass all understanding!!


My gift, my future … I want to live with you.


There is not a single day, that I do not wish to be with you!!


The measure of love is to love without measure.


I won, won, came in your to stay and stayed!


In the battle of life, our love is the cease-fire.


We can play with our bodies, but never with our emotions.


Love is the greatest and best feeling that two people can share.


Praying for who you love is one of the most beautiful proofs of love!


When I noticed it was already in love.


To love is to have the universe and want only one person: You!


Today I love you more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow!


I will love you from January to January, until the world ends.


True love is one that the wind never leads, and distance never separates!


Love, nothing better for health than love!


When love is true, distance becomes mere an obstacle.


Who is true will be on your side, even when you least deserve it.


When you love someone, you do not care about others’ opinions and you do not take the effort to be with them.


love is infectious!!!


There are people in the world that you can simply love and love and love, no matter what the odds are!


To love you is to believe in God, for God is love. And you’re everything I ever asked for!


When I think of you, I can not help but smile, knowing that you complete me.


If it’s love, believe me, it’s going to be forever.


Even after meeting several new smiles, yours is still my favorite.


Between you and smiling, I choose you because without you would not be able to smile.


I love my life because my life is you!


You say you want me with all my commas, I want you as my full stop.


You and me together, there is nothing better.


Do not let the world separate you from the love of God.


I already told you that all I want is you.


She is the temple of my peace.


I still have a lot of love to give you.


I want to live in your arms forever and ever.


First of all, I love you!


Say “I love you” in loud voice!!


With you, I make mistakes and I’m not afraid to repent!!


Say you want me, because I want you too!


Your Smile wins me!!


Everything leads to you!!
When you say you love me, know that I love you more than you! Luv u!


I love you with no space and no end point!


If you love something, let it go. If it’s to be yours, he’ll come back.


The small moments that I have spent with you are the greatest and most beautiful moments in my life!


It’s my life. But the heart is yours. The smile is mine. But the reason is you.


I can spend many days without seeing you, many days without hugging you, but it will never stop me loving you.


Never stop having a smile on your face, because I need it.


The love is to care for each other even when we are angry!


I do not just want to see you well, I want to be the person who will make you feel good.


It’s written in the stars you were born for me!


Love is to feel, not to understand.


The first time I saw you, my heart whispered: it’s him!


Love is the key to opening several doors … Even the one of the longed for Happiness!


You may be out of my sight but never out of my mind.


If my love is true, it will be worth waiting every second, minute, hour, weeks, months, and even years.


You’re the one I dream of every day and night.


you turned my sorrow into joy.


You’re the one who sweetens my life.


You are the purest feeling!!


You are the one who gave me wings!! I love you my love!!!


Only you make love like I want to be loved!


Today I want you, today I need you, today I beg you: come to my life!


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