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By | February 23, 2020

Here we have a collection of Money quotes and Money WhatsApp status and Facebook Status about money.

Money is what everyone needs. It’s a symbol of success and for some people money is equal to happiness and love. Undoubtedly money can buy everything but money can’t buy is love.  You can earn love by money. You have to be yourself to get into love but money is the best medium to fulfill all your dreams and can make you strong.  So, finally your wait ends here scroll down to read about money quotes and money Status.

Best Money Quotes and Status

money quotes status

money quotes status

  1. If you want to know how rich you are, look for things that you have and that money can not buy.
  2. Never leave the things you want to make you forget the things you have.
  3. Money can buy anything but the entrance to heaven.
  4. Money does not bring Happiness.
  5. Those who believe that with money everything can be done, are undoubtedly willing to do everything for money.
  6. Nothing is more revolutionary than money left over.
  7. Rule # 1: Never lose money. Rule # 2: Never Forget Rule # 1.
  8. Sympathy to make money: get up early, take a shower, and go to work.
  9. A business that produces nothing but money is a poor business.
  10. For man to be prosperous, money is not enough. You have to be good, wise and aware.
  11. There are people who have money and people who are wealthy.
  12. Money does not create success, the freedom to make money does.
  13. Never spend your money before you receive it.
  14. If time were money, my watch would be a millionaire.
  15. The best moments of life have nothing to do with money.
  16. No man is rich enough to buy back his past.
  17. Who does not live without the money sells for very little.
  18. Follow your vocation that money comes.
  19. People are no longer valuing love, only money.
  20. You can have all the money in the world, but there is something you can never buy: a dinosaur.
  21. I need to find some way to make money from my laziness.
  22. If a person acquires the right attitude towards money, this will help straighten almost every other area of his life.
  23. What we are after we thrive is nothing more than a major shift in consciousness – in the attitudes, beliefs, and ideas we have about ourselves and our relationship to money.
  24. If you live according to the laws of nature, you will never be poor; If you live according to the opinions of others, you will never be rich.
  25. If money is your hope of independence, you will never have it. The only true security is a reservoir of wisdom, experience, and competence.
  26. You have to sing like you do not need money, love like you’re never gonna get hurt. You have to dance like nobody’s watching. This has to come from the heart if you want it to work.
  27. Those who believe that money makes everything are accustomed to doing anything for money.
  28. Everything we do is linked to money. I am a commodity and I am fully aware of that.
  29. When it comes to money, everyone has the same religion.
  30. Socialism means only envy of the money of others.
  31. I would like to live like a poor man, but with a lot of money.
  32. When a man says: Money buys everything, it becomes clear – it has no money.
  33. Money is always lacking, but it is love that most enriches our life.
    quotes about money
  34. Whoever does not have money, means and peace, lacks three good friends.
  35. Money only results in happiness when it makes us live good times with those we love the most.
  36. The character of a man will be revealed when he has power.
  37. The musicians do not retire, they stop when there is no more music inside.
  38. There are people so miserable that not all the money they own can save them from poverty … of spirit!
  39. If fake people in my life were money in my pocket, I would be writing this phrase on my yacht, sailing to my private island.
  40. Money makes rich men, knowledge makes men wise, and Humility makes great whatsapp facebook status
  41. No matter if you have money or power, someone who likes to humiliate will always be worthless!
  42. Whoever says that money buys everything, is for sale.
  43. I do not care about money, social status, tanned or followers; What impresses me is character, kindness and humility.
  44. If you gave money for every smile that appeared on my face, it would have been a millionaire for a long time!
  45. The most important things in life are simple and do not cost money.
  46. Injustice even is having so many dreams in the head and so little money in the bank account to realize them!
  47. The greatest empires are not made of cement or money but of love and respect!
  48. The person who chooses someone out of pocket can not complain when treated as a commodity.
  49. Abundance is not about how much money one has, but about how much one has.
  50. If creativity generated money, certain people would already be rich in the incredible stories they make about me.
  51. It is not money that forms the character of a person, but the education that he received!
  52. The greatest poverty is not lack of money, but a lack of judgment.
  53. Money does not bring happiness … to those who do not know what to do with it.
  54. Today go around the world offering the best gift that no money can buy: your beautiful smile!
  55. Friendship is the only wealth that even poor people possess and no money can buy.
  56. Lots of money and little education is the worst combination.
  57. I never had the money to be bored at ease.
  58. Do not count the money in more or less than what it is worth because he is a good servant and a bad master.
  59. Peace is a commodity that does not cost money but is worth more than gold.
  60. To be a good friend does not have to have much money or power, just like and be present.
  61. There are people so extremely poor, they only have money.
  62. The money does not necessarily bring us happiness. A person who has ten million dollars is not happier than the one who has only nine million.

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