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By | November 10, 2020

Looking for best romantic status for WhatsApp or Facebook for him or her? If yes then we have latest WhatsApp status, romantic Whatsapp status and romantic status for WhatsApp for your lover boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife to impress him and her then you’re at most welcome as we have latest whatsapp romantic status for free.

If you came to this page from Google it is because you are looking for romantic and passionate status to show your affection for someone very special. On this page I’ll list the best romantic Whatsapp status for you to use in the caption of a photo or in the timeline of your Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Romantic WhatsApp Status

Following are the Romantic WhatsApp Status which you can share with your boyfriend/girlfriend and make him/romantic.  at our website  We also have shared Wallpaper for Whatsapp Profile, Romantic DP For Whatsapp and Profile Pictures With Quotes Please have a lot at them.

  • Simple like this: you complete me!
  • I find in your smile, a thousand reasons for my happiness!!
  • If there is perfect happiness, I do not know, but near you I feel perfectly happy!
  • You’re a dream to me, it’s the way I’ve always dreamed!
  • When I noticed it, it was love already.
  • When you’re at the worst of your path, I’ll lie down on the thorns for you to pass.
  • My love is now dangerous. But it does not hurt, I die but I die loving.
  • You remind me of how lucky I am!
  • A good morning message does not mean just a good day, I mean I think of you when I wake up.
  • There is nothing better than being close to who the agent loves …
  • The joy of knowing that you exist makes me strong to endure the sorrow of your absence. I love you!
  • Better than walking alone, is to be accompanied, especially if this company is you.
  • You just fascinate me, I want you beyond pleasure.
  • It is good to find the love of your life every day in the same person.
  • It’s never late, it never hurts; Where am I, where are you; My love comes to get me.
  • I love you for millions of little things you do not even know you do.
  • Wherever I go, whatever I do … Without you, it’s not funny.
  • A great person is one who gives birth to a great feeling within us.
  • I love even your faults, imagine the kisses …!
  • I need your affection, your love, your attention. I need you to take care of me, that’s all.
  • The small moments that I pass by your side are the greatest and beautiful moments in my life!
  • I love being with you, I love being with you, your scent makes me travel, your voice makes me sigh.
  • When you love someone, you do not care about others’ opinions and you do not take effort to be with them.
  • And I fell in love with every detail of you.
  • You remind me of how lucky I am.
  • They say that after the storm comes the calm … In my case, you came
  • We will face hand in hand the barriers
  • I thank God for having you here and being your love
  • And many times I’ve imagined myself waking up next to you
  • I asked God for a gift. To make me happy, he made you up.
  • It was her smile that took away the grace of everyone else.
  • May our good do good to the other too.
  • I learned to smile when I saw you smiling.
  • Me you and God’s plans are perfect…!!!
  • When it comes to you, my eyes even smile!
  • The distance separates two glances, but never two hearts
  • Two hearts that, united in faith and love, celebrate a blessed union
  • I came to take care of you, protect you, make you happy
  • Your crazy looks a bit like mine.
  • I only know that I love that song because it reminds me of you.
  • Every day I fall in love. And always by the same person …
  • I gave you my heart, you took care so well!
  • It does not matter if it will be good or bad times, but if you are by your side, every second will be worth it!
latest romantic status

latest romantic status

Best Romantic WhatsApp Status

  • Words can make you smile, but only love can make you change!
  • Just a true love to unite what has been broken before …
  • Sharing Love is not what we want to feel; And yes, what we feel unintentionally …
  • I recognize myself in your eyes …
  • The distance separates two glances, but never two hearts
  • I know that chance has made us a case of love.
  • And it was love. From the way you look, to the untold words!
  • Before it was me, now it’s us
  • Life for two is a gift …
  • We do not mix, we complete!
  • I’ll be happy when you call me love …
  • Of love, I know the symptoms and bruises!
  • It’s love when time can not even heal …
  • Made for each other, made to last!
  • My greatest love fiction, I have recreated you only for my pleasure …
  • Maybe it’s not in this life, but you’re still going to be my life!
  • When you’re in love it’s easy to lose your reason!
  • It was her smile that took away the grace of everyone else …
  • Who loves, cares. And who really loves, knows how to care …
  • It’s such a good feeling, making people smile …
  • May the statements be constant! And love be our frequency
  • Simply my love is yours
  • What I was looking for, I found in you …
  • When you say you love me, I see the glow in your eyes
  • Everything that is good reminds me of you!
  • You are the happiness of all my minutes!
  • Near you, that’s where I want to be …!
  • Of the rarest perfumes, I prefer your scent!
  • Halves in full.
  • Because if I’m the rhyme, you’re the perfect beat!
  • Nothing matters in the world, when you kiss me!
  • I would still choose you, even though you have all the options in the world!
  • We all need love. And I need your love!
  • You already know that I’m thinking of you everywhere!
  • It’s normal to want you all the time.
  • I just know that life is more colorful with you!

Romantic Status For Whatsapp

  • I miss you so much it hurts
  • All Love is eternal. If it is not eternal, it was not Love
  • I gave you my heart, you took care so well!
  • Love is the only folly of a sage and the only wisdom of a fool.
  • I love it so much that sometimes I think I have two hearts.
  • Love is not something to be achieved. Love is something to give.
  • Words can make you smile, but only love can make you change!
  • The greatest proof of love is trust
  • I want you, I love you … The rest of it does!
  • Will you still love me tomorrow morning?
  • A man must love, with the same concern to breathe.
  • We have the habit of wanting to take from the head what is in the heart.
  • Medicine relieve pain, but only love relieves suffering.
  • No one is mature when it comes to love.
  • Do not be silly. There is no lack, no love.
  • Love is simple, people are complicated!
  • Maybe it’s natural. You might have been made for me.
  • The hand of God is to bless, those who have been made for each other!
  • How can you call it love when you cry more than you smile?
  • Before you move on, think about who already loves you the way you are!
  • In love, silence is the word that precedes the kiss.
  • One must fear the love of a woman more than the hatred of a man.
  • Where there is love, there is life!
  • Only true love can heal all the wounds of the past.
  • Your smile will always be the most beautiful!
  • The universe can be infinite, and yet it does not reach the size of my love for you.

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