Romantic Text Messages For Him and Her- Quotes and Sayings

By | July 8, 2020

The best gift from God to us is love. Being in love is the best feeling one can feel. You are in love with someone and don’t have words to express your feelings? Or you’re looking to express your love in a romantic way. Nothing to worry about we are here to help you.

Beautiful Romantic Text Messages and Quotes 

romantic love messages

romantic love messages

Following are the best wishes and messages for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband and wife. We are sure if you send these romantic text messages via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp he or she will definitely will special. You can also write them on greeting cards to express your love.

Romantic Text Messages and Quotes For Him

  • There may be a thousand obstacles, but nothing will make my love for you die. I will cross to the greatest seas, but there will not be enough water to drown the love I feel for you. Love you love of my life!!
  • I’ll go up to the highest mountain in the world, just to see you, and from there I’ll shout your name to see if you hear me, and if you listen to me, I’ll say one sentence: I love you.
  • Every time the wind blows in your ear, it will not only be the wind, but I saying that I love you.
  • I love you from the bottom of my heart! love you my boyfriend!
  • I always dreamed of raising my family. Have in my husband, my best friend, my confidant. Fortunately, I have in you, my love, the best of men. You’re the husband I’ve always wanted to have in my life.
  • True romanticism is revealed in the small things of everyday life, in the gestures that show care, attention, and affection with each other. Being romantic is a way to make each other happy every day.
  • To be romantic is to praise, to put a beautiful song to listen to two, to plan small getaways, to listen to the other even when we are tired, is to smile at the jokes even when they are not funny.
  • Many say that love is already born with a set date, but I say that it is lack of faith and the will to fight. Just as I say my love for you is eternal, so simple.
  • I think this is love; true love! I can no longer live without you or just have your friendship. I want more; I need more. Would you like to date me?
  • May the winds that will lead you far from me to be favorable to you, and especially that as they will blow you away, so bring it back, quickly and safely.
romantic love girlfriend boyfriend

romantic love girlfriend boyfriend

Romantic Text Messages and Quotes For Boyfriend

  • My love, my boyfriend, I hope you have a good trip! Let this be extraordinary and full of rich adventures, incredible landscapes and wonderful sensations.
  • Today I know the happiness and smiles of pure sincerity, and all because I love you more than anything in life! Love you darling!
  • I love you! It seems simple, a basic and rather ordinary concept, a widely spent expression, three words copiously repeated, written, spoken, thought.
  • There is no happiness away from your arms, there is no joy or sincere smiles. I love you so much that my dream was to be by your side all the time. Love you cutepie!
  • For since you were part of my life everything changed for the better, everything was perfect. You brought what I lacked; You complete me and make me very happy. Love you so much my boyfriend!
  • I love you so much! And I will love forever, without condition and in any situation.
  • There is no happiness away from your arms, there is no joy or sincere smiles. I love you so much that my dream was to be by your side all the time.
  • I love you so much! And I will love forever, without condition and in any situation.
  • I love you! Simple like that, but there was no other way to start this text. For there is no other expression that best explains what I feel for you.
  • I like you as much as I do! I love you in a way that has no explanation. It is a feeling that needs no justification. I love and that’s it! And this will always be my proof of honesty.

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Romantic Text Messages and Quotes For Husband

  • I have the privilege of saying that the person I love is my best friend and I would not trade it for anything in the world.
  • My love, my beautiful and perfect girlfriend, my chest will suffocate the words if I do not declare all the love I feel for you. love you my husband!!
  • Every day my love for you does not stop growing. Never give up on us, because otherwise, we would not know how to live. I love you and thank you for everything! Kiss, my love!
  • This homesickness is unbearable and only the dream of feeling you again in my arms forces me to continue. I love you!
  • My look, for you passionate, focuses only on the good and beautiful things of life. You awaken the best of me and make me seek a world of perfections because you are perfect.
  • I love you, my perfect love! Love you my perfect husband!
  • There is no love at first sight. What exists is the right person at the right time. You happened to be there.
  • They say that when a bell rings, an angel goes to heaven. Allow me to silence all the bells so that angels like you, never fly away from me!
  • Words can make you smile, but only love can make you change.
  • If I could live my life again, only to be able to find you sooner, and so love you more time!

Romantic Text Messages and Quotes For her

Words can make you smile, but only love can make you change! Love you!

Words can make you smile, but only love can make you change! Love you!

  • Love is the only quality that many desire but few know how to use it.
  • Love is not what we want to feel, but what we feel unintentionally.
  • When love is true we never forget it; Can stay behind, but forever remains alive in memory.
  • Never cry for love, for whoever truly deserves your tears will never make you cry!
  • Time erases the wounds, but not a great love. The distance separates two bodies, but not two souls.
  • I’m not sad for not having her physically, just having her in my heart is enough to supply the love I feel for you!
  • The only time I’m not thinking of you is when I’m sleeping because then I’m not thinking, I’m dreaming.
  • Even if I knew all the words that meant love, I would miss much to say what I feel for you!
  • Never let your love go. Go after him and be happy!
  • Nostalgia does not kill a great love, sometimes it keeps you alive.

Romantic Text Messages and Quotes For Girlfriend

  • After all, love still had a say in my life, and that word was its name.
  • Love is like water in our hands in the shape of a shell. It stays there, but with time it flows through our fingers!
  • Life offers us many paths, but only that which leads to love hides true happiness.
  • No matter what path you followed, if there is love, there will also be a way out.
  • The greatest pain of love is when we know he must die, but we do not dare to kill him.
  • Love is not living happily ever after, this is a fairy tale. Love is knowing how to face life together.
  • There is love that seems to have been born to last a lifetime, like mine for you.
  • It’s really nice to meet the love of your life, every day, in the same person.
  • I want you. And with you live all the beautiful things that love can offer.
  • Just to record in the records out there, that all my love is yours.

Romantic Text Messages and Quotes For Wife

  • No matter the difficulties that appear on the way. I always want to walk by your side!
  • However brief the moment at your side, it will become eternal, for the simple fact that one day it has existed. love you my beautiful wife!!
  • You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met, it’s my joy at dawn, it’s the happiness I have in waking, it’s the eternity I want to stay in me forever!
  • When two people really like each other, they will always find a way. No matter how difficult it is.
  • Yesterday you were part of my best dreams. Today you are part of my best reality.
  • I have one certainty with me: God made you for me! Love you my gorgeous wife!
  • No matter the distance that separates us, if there is a sky that unites us.
  • Sometimes I get caught up in thinking about all the choices I’ve made in my life, and for sure, you were the best of them.
  • It has always been you. And it will still be you. My choice, my love …! I love you my dear wife!
  • In the paths I walked, the people I met, you are one of those I will never forget.
  • I do not need a thousand reasons to smile, you’re enough.
  • Because in every bit of me, there will always be a piece of you.
  • I will take care of you in any situation, anytime, at all times.
  • Even if gold loses its value, even if the sun does not shine, for life I will love you.
  • When you meet a person who makes us like to be who we are, everything is more beautiful and full of life.
  • May our love forever live.

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